Cassie and Taylor

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How We Met

Bride’s Perspective: Taylor and I met nearly 8 years ago during our sophomore year of high school. A local restaurant in town, Fanatics, had “teen night” every Sunday during the summer months, and as fate would have it we were both in attendance. That night at Fanatics, Taylor caught my eye so I asked a friend who the cute boy with the baseball hat on was. Little did I know that within that same time frame Taylor was asking one of his friends the same question about me. As cheesy as it sounds I guess you could call it love at first sight. A few songs later I felt a tap on my shoulder only to turn around to see Taylor standing there asking me to dance. I was mortified thinking that our mutual friend had told Taylor how cute I thought he was and that was the reason he had asked me for a dance. As I came to later find out, our friend actually did not give Taylor a nudge and he made the decision to meet me all on his own.

After the night at Fanatics, Taylor and I got in touch on Facebook, exchanged phone numbers, and began talking daily. Taylor then asked me out on our first date at the very romantic restaurant, Little Caesar’s (still one of our favorites today). We quickly became inseparable and spent nearly every day that summer together. On July 14th 2009, Taylor made our relationship official and asked me to be his girlfriend to which I obviously said yes and the rest is history. I was smitten by him from the very moment I saw him and have fallen even harder in love with him each and every single day since.

In our relationship there is an unwritten rule that if either one of us sees the time 11:11 we will quickly tell the other to make a wish. In the beginning I wished for for things like hoping to pass my math tests or to win a big volleyball game, but as I quickly began to realize that Taylor was “the one” I regularly began wishing for our relationship to continue to grow and develop and for Taylor to be my future husband. We never shared these wishes with each other because as we all know if you tell your wish it will not come true. I can now say all my wishes have come true and for this I feel so very blessed.

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I consider us very lucky to have known each other throughout many different stages of our lives and look forward to all the memories and adventures we will share in the future. I thank God every single day that he created such a wonderful man to be my very best friend and husband. Taylor is my better half and I am so lucky to spend the rest of my life with such a determined, down to earth, caring, adventurous, and hilarious man.

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how they asked

Cassie and I had been talking about taking the next step in our relationship for a few months and decided to go look at rings while in Omaha for a wedding. We just went to browse, all the while I was taking notes of her favorites (and all of her LEAST favorites of course too) so I would pick out the perfect ring in the future. A few weeks after ring shopping together, I decided to get in touch with a jewelry designer in Omaha to start creating the perfect ring. Meanwhile, Cassie was continually dropping hints about rings and an imminent proposal, little did she know I was in the process of designing the ring I would ask her to marry me with.

As the weeks rolled on she kept dropping hints and I kept brushing them off and telling her the time wasn’t right just yet to keep her off of my trail. For those of you who know Cassie, you know she is a planner and is very attentive to detail so surprising her was going to be a trick. I began making plans to propose at Wilderness Ridge in Lincoln, NE. This is a place we had been a few times while dating with my grandparents and I knew would not tip her off as out of the ordinary to my big surprise. I knew it was important to us both to have our close friends and family there to celebrate so after making a few calls and ensuring everyone could attend the date was set for December 10th.

Cassie and I were on our way to Omaha on Friday the 9th but stopped in Lincoln for me to go “hunting”. This was nothing out of the usual so unsuspectingly Cassie went shopping with her best friend Tessa, while I went “hunting” with the photographer I hired for the perfect spot to propose at Wilderness Ridge. After our pitstop in Lincoln we headed into Omaha for my company’s work party. That night we stayed at my grandparents house in town, so I recruited my grandmother to help me with my plan and had her ask Cassie and I to join her and my grandfather for lunch the next day in Lincoln at Wilderness Ridge. She was very convincing describing the non-exisitant beautiful Christmas decorations outside at the back of lodge at Wilderness Ridge to us both and suggested we go around back to see it before heading in for lunch the next day. Cassie eagerly agreed to the lunch date, oblivious to the upcoming plans I had in mind.

The morning of the 10th we woke up, got dressed and ready for the day (thankfully she showered), and headed off to Lincoln. Upon arrival at the lodge I started walking Cassie down to the back of the building to look at the “decorations” they had set up. In true Nebraska fashion it was below freezing, so I was uncertain if I was going to be able to convince her to walk to my perfect spot for the proposal or if I was going to have to drag her. She kept telling me how cold she was and said we could just look at the decorations from inside where it was warm. With a little coaxing to walk on the putting green (that clearly was marked as an area to not walk on) to get a better look, I was in position and began telling her how much I loved her, got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of my pocket, and popped the question.

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If you are reading this now you know she said yes and I was the happiest man in the world.

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As we turned around and looked up to the lodge our family and friends were gathered out on the balcony cheering us on!

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We spent the rest of the day in the company of loved ones and sharing our exciting news with those special to us. In true Taylor and Cassie fashion we capped off our night with a couple of Coronas and cuddled up with our pooch, Boston. It could not have been a more perfect day.

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Special Thanks

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