Cassie and Tanner

How We Met

Tanner and I went to high school and college together. Our romantic relationship didn’t start until college, Tanner played baseball at our local junior collage and I was in the radiology program there. We have currently been together for five years and during those five years we spent two and a half of them long distance while Tanner finished up his degree and I started my career. We moved into our first apartment in 2014 and have been living the grown up life ever since!

Image 1 of Cassie and Tanner

how they asked

Tanner and I got up early Christmas morning to go open presents at my parents house. Once we were finished with breakfast we open our gifts. Once we were done Tanner came over and wanted to nose through my presents (and I’m thinking what the heck is he doing) he starts moving all my presents out from in front of me and says, “Cass, you have one more present to open” I looked at him like he was crazy, honestly because I was confused. Then Tanner gets down on both knees and hands me a ring box with a huge burlap bow on top (my mom made the bow to put on the ring box – Tanner asked my mom to make it for him) I of course start bawling and he ever so sweetly says, “Will you marry me?” Both of us, along with my family were crying. Of course I said, “Yes!”

Image 2 of Cassie and Tanner

Image 3 of Cassie and Tanner