Cassie and Steve

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How We Met

I was 18 years old when I saw Steve for the first time in the cafeteria at Wesley College. It truly was one of those “love at first sight” moments for me. However, we both were dating other people at the time. We ended up becoming great friends, both knowing there was more there, and after a few years finally began dating. It is fate that we even met in school because Steve started college late secondary to an illness. If he had gone right away, we would have completely missed each other.

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how they asked

We love to travel and especially love to visit beaches. We collect sand from every beach we go to and display it in a special vase. (Thank you Pinterest)! It is something that makes our trips even more exciting.

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This January we booked a trip to Iceland for a few days with another couple.This trip was an ultimate check off of our Bucket List! While I was excited to see so many things there, the highlight of our trip for me was visiting the Black Sand Beach in the town of Vik. The black sand would be the perfect, unique addition to our collection! I was so excited that I barely slept the night before. When we got to the beach it was snowing and Steve and I ventured off on our own to find some sand to collect. There were a ton of lava rocks all over the beach that I thought were so pretty and kept pointing out. At one point Steve said “Cass, look at this rock.” I turned to him and was in complete shock to see that he was holding a diamond ring!!

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On the most beautiful, unique beach we have ever been to, with sand and stone made of lava and where we experienced snow, sun, and a rainbow all in one visit- he asked me to marry him. It truly was a magical proposal!

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