Cassie and Scott

How We Met

It was a relaxed weeknight, and I went with a few girlfriends to one of the fraternity houses on Mississippi State’s campus to hang out. We were all chatting and hanging out on the front porch when Scott sat down in the rocking chair next to me. We weren’t saying much to each other until we got on the topic of SEC football. I grew up a die-hard Volunteer fan and began telling him how Florida’s running back was injured, and it was Tennessee’s year to beat Florida. It was a fun conversation, and Scott was definitely intrigued. He was thinking, “Who is this chick? How does she know about this?” No mention of my number or asking me out though.

A few weeks later, our friend groups collided again when everyone got together over Fall Break. With few students in town, the group turned into just a couple of us pretty early. When it was finally just us, I thought he was leaning in to kiss me. He actually leaned in and said, “wanna go watch a movie?” Haha. Little did I know he was nervous! We ended up staying up the entire night talking about everything under the sun and even watched the sunrise on the roof. I was skeptical at first, but he was so sweet and kind. From that night on, we’ve been inseparable, and we went on our first real date to the Mississippi State vs. Tennessee game a couple weeks after that. Very appropriate in retrospect. I transferred back to Tennessee after that semester, and Scott followed shortly after. We’re lucky to have met each other so young and have this time to learn and grow together.

how they asked

We had been planning a trip back down to Starkville for a weekend visit with friends. We’d typically bunk up with another couple, but this time, Scott reserved a secluded cabin just for us. I was excited but had no expectations. As soon as we got there, we put all our luggage in the room, and he said, “alright, I’m going to go meet the guys. You good?” Needless to say, I was MAD. We drove seven hours for him to have a guys weekend? What was this cabin for?

One of my good friends met up with me, and we went to a local bar in the cotton district to grab a couple drinks before meeting up with the guys later. I was venting, of course, saying things like “I can’t believe he would do this.” Meanwhile, Scott was “meeting the boys” to get their help preparing! I downed a couple of drinks, and she said we were going to swing by the fraternity house to meet up with everyone before getting ready for the baseball game.

I was brought in from the back door, and Scott was waiting patiently on the front porch. They told me everyone was outside, but when I got there, it was just Scott. He asked me to sit down, and after he started talking, I realized we were sitting in the exact two rocking chairs we were sitting in when we first met. He got down on one knee, and it all feels like a blur. I think I barely let him get the words out before saying “YES!” The photographer he’d hired jumped out, and to my surprise, all our friends were watching from the windows of the house. They all poked their heads out, cheered, and congratulated us! We went to the baseball game as we’d planned afterward, and it was a truly fun and special day in a place that’s very dear to both of us.

Special Thanks

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