Cassie and Scott

how we met

Well, thank goodness bumble is a great match maker… 2 years ago I went through a difficult breakup. I made a bumble account to reassure myself there were options out there. Luckily Scott was my first match. He was there for me as support knowing I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet, although started falling for me quickly! We decided to stay friends, best friends at that. Even while we both were dating other people, when I was sick he’d bring me medicine or when I was hungover he’d bring me Qdoba (he’s the real MVP)! All our friends and family started putting #teamscott on any pictures we’d post together not being subtle with their hints… We planned a trip together as friends to road trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. As the trip got closer so did we… While at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone he handed me a letter. It was the last page to a story he had been writing, OUR STORY! The story ended with him asking me to be his girlfriend and me of course saying YES! Since then he has given me the rest of the story (like actually a typed out story) that shares all the crazy times we went through to get to where we are today! He is definitely my forever and we make one heck of a story, more chapters to come!

how they asked

Well, I knew it was coming sooner than later, I just didn’t know when. He knew having my parents there was really important to me, however with COVID it put his plans to rest as my father is undergoing chemotherapy and couldn’t travel. I had it down to 5 different predictions… but he got me! We had won a free photography session with a local photographer about 6 months prior. Little did I know they were planning this since the start. AOf course the thought crossed my mind that it could happen at our photo session, but when we got out of the car for pictures I made sure he didn’t have anything in his pockets (because it looks bad in photos) so I knew he had nothing with him. The kicker is, he had bought a special box off of a friends amazon (so I didn’t see it) and had it in his sock the whole time!!! Even when I had my back turned away from him for a pose I didn’t know it was happening. I know the photographers poses since I help her at her session and she usually has the guy grab the girl from behind and spin her around so I thought she was doing that, but nope! He got down on a knee and she asked me to fix his shirt, when I turned around there he was! There weren’t many words exchanged, but there was definitely a YES! We then got to do our engagement pictures right where it happened!

Special Thanks