Cassie and Patrick

How We Met

It started way back in 2012 as soon to be the freshman in college. We had both won the Golden Apple Scholarship for aspiring teachers which allowed us to go to summer institutes every summer of college. The first summer we had the opportunity of staying at DePaul. During the days we taught at schools and in the afternoon we took classes. A tradition was to have a recreation basketball league at nights. Little did I know, the captain of my team would be my eventual fiancé. During the first two summer institutes, we had different friend groups, but that would all come to change the third summer. Our placement for that summer was based on the grades you wanted to teach. Elementary education was what we both studied so we were placed at Eastern for the summer. Here friend groups merged and the spark had been ignited. After that summer institute ended, we continued to see each other as he lived in Lincoln Park. As our junior year of college approached we made the decision that we were going to start dating and commit to long distance, him at DePaul and me at Illinois State. With both of our busy schedules, Patrick being the head basketball manager of the men’s basketball team and myself being involved at the university the time flew by!

how they asked

My best friend Kristi was in town for her bridal shower from New York. She had called me earlier in the week planning a day to meet up to get drinks with our other friend Sam. We are all about the deals so naturally a wine flight Groupon is always a good way to lure someone in. She had mentioned that Thursday night would be perfect to use this Groupon at a restaurant called At Waters in downtown Geneva. Sam would be finishing up work right down the street and could easily meet us there. Perfect plan, right?

Where to Propose in The Herrington

Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten I had an open house that night at school until 7:30 and I knew staying at school for 12 hours would be absolutely draining. I called Kristi and told her the unfortunate news but she persisted. We brainstormed a plan that after school ended, I could come home, take a quick cat nap and change. Oh, did I mention it was twin day at school as well so my outfit was ridiculous… changing was necessary for the upcoming surprise. I woke up completely energized and ready to go! I was able to change into a much nicer outfit and was on my way to open house. As the night was coming to an end, the other sixth-grade teacher convinced me to leave quickly so I could meet up with Kristi and Sam for a fun girls night. I immediately called Kristi and told her I was on my way.

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As I pulled into the parking lot, I called Kristi and Sam to find out where they were. They met me by my car and suggested leaving coats in the car because it was a quick walk. I truthfully thought nothing of it and shoved my coat into the car. At the Herrington, there is a hotel, spa and the restaurant where we were “getting drinks”. The hotel and spa on one side and the restaurant on the other. We began walking between the two buildings where there was a beautifully decorated path. They suggested we go explore and being the nosy person I am, I quickly agreed!

As I rounded the corner, I immediately fell to my knees with tears streaming down my face. There stood Patrick. When I finally met him, he said all of these wonderful things and got down on one knee. After our special moment, he had me then turn around where we were surrounded by our friends and family.

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