Cassie and Nic

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How We Met

It was your typical weekend in September… Nic’s friends drug him out, just as my girlfriend did with me. Our friends luckily drug us to the same place, a german bar/restaurant called Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh. The restaurant has a band on certain nights and they have a particular song that has hand motions that goes with it. When the song comes on, everyone jumps up onto their tables and does the corresponding dance.

My girlfriend & I were heading out and the song came on, so we jumped on to a random table to dance. The table we picked ended up being Nic’s table. Nic stepped across the table and started dishing out compliments about my eyes and telling me he could get me an internship (I was still in college at Pitt and Nic had already been a few years into his career). We exchanged numbers and ended up talking that week and getting together the following weekend. We don’t have any pictures from that night, but we do have a few from the beginning of our relationship.

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how they asked

Every July Nic’s family has a Wilson family reunion up at the Selway river in Idaho. They ended up moving the reunion to his grandparent’s house in Lewiston, Idaho because his Grandpa wasn’t doing well. His Grandparents are the heart of the reunion (they have 50+ grandchildren and great grandchildren). We were having a great week spending time with family, having cook outs, four wheeling, swimming in the river, and berry picking.

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Saturday after dinner, Nic suggested we head up his grandparent’s mountain on the four wheeler and fly his drone (both of which are very normal for us to do). When we got up there, he was saying that the drone was acting funny and he needed to fly it back. He wouldn’t let me see the screen that I always look at when he flies, so I started yelling at him. He was flying the drone down to his grandparent’s house so his Dad could attach the ring box (don’t worry, the ring was in Nic’s pocket). When the drone came up the mountain, I saw the ring box and just about died.

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Nic made the drone hover in front of us, got down on one knee and asked me to be his. It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

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We ripped back down the mountain and his whole family was waiting inside for us with cupcakes galore, champagne, and a banner that said “Welcome to the Family”.

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I couldn’t ask for a better day, a better fiance, or better ‘soon to be’ in-laws…I watch the video and still get goosebumps. Grandpa Dan is no longer with us, but we are overwhelmed with joy that we were able to share that moment with him and know that he is watching over us and our journey to marriage.

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Our Video