Cassie and Nathan

How We Met

Nathan had been working as a waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings for about a year when I walked into his section at the restaurant. A few of my friends and myself went out one night to discuss one of the girl’s upcoming wedding that we were all a part of. My friends and I were seated at the table when Nathan introduced himself as our waiter. We quickly realized that we went to the same school and my friends could see that there were definite sparks between the two of us. My friends, Sarah and Heather, decided to leave my number for Nathan along with the tip (which also included expired coupons and a handful of change). Nathan sent me a quick text message the next day thanking us for the very strange tip that he received. I hadn’t realized that my friends had left my number and was a bit confused. Nathan was taken aback and wanted to stop talking right there. I salvaged it by saying “since we’re already talking, there’s no harm in getting to know each other” …and the rest is history.

how they asked

Nathan had a few different ideas in his head for the proposal. His first idea was to pop the question at a Skillet concert (our favorite christian rock group). He next wanted to propose the week of his sister, Mary’s, graduation party. The timing was not ideal because there were a lot of family events to take care of prior to the party. The day after the party we were going to have both parents over to celebrate my birthday. Nathan and I were tired from being up late the night before but Nathan asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I told him that would be fine and wanted to take a quick shower first. I got out of the shower to find Nathan sleeping on the couch. I figured the walk idea was out and since we had some spare time I decided to take a nap on the chair. As I later learned, while I was napping Nathan went downstairs to get the ring and to call his mom to tell her that he was going to propose (he had already asked my dad for my hand and he talked to his dad and sister). After getting off the phone with his mom, he sent me a text message of himself holding up the ring. The text read “I love you.” Nathan came back to the apartment and peeked in to make sure that I was still sleeping. He snuck in and grabbed our whiteboard and wrote in cursive “marry me?” He tapped my shoulder and said “Cassie, your parents are going to be here in about 10 minutes. It’s time to start moving.” I looked at my phone to make sure my parents didn’t call me while I was taking my nap. That is when I saw the text message. I was in such shock that I did not really comprehend what the picture was of. I turned to look at him and he was on his knee with the white board and the ring. I will never remember what he said in that moment. All I remember is pulling him up off the floor and eventually saying yes once the initial shock sank in. My parents walked in 10 minutes later as he said. My mom and brother had no idea what had just happened so I got to tell them myself. Nathan’s parents came over about 30 minutes later and we went out to dinner to celebrate both my birthday and the brand new engagement! It was such a wonderful day in our lives. I am so glad both our families got to celebrate it with us.

Image 1 of Cassie and Nathan

Image 2 of Cassie and Nathan