Cassie and Michael

How We Met

Dreams really do come true! I can’t believe I’m engaged to the man of my dreams… Michael and I are high school sweethearts and we’ve been together since he was a junior and I was a sophomore! Our love story began during an unplanned double date and five and a half years later our love for each other gets stronger every day.

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How They Asked

My surprise engagement started back in December, when Michael asked my mom if he could surprise me in Europe during the Mediterranean cruise she planned as a three generation girls trip, for my college graduation. Prior to the cruise, we would spend a few days in Barcelona, where I have been asking my mom to take me since I was 10. As I prepared for my trip I had no idea what was in store for me. I planned each outfit carefully according to the places we would visit and chose the perfect outfit for Parc Güell in Barcelona!

Michael volunteered to drop us off at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and we took off for our girls trip. Although I was excited about the trip, I was also a little sad knowing that I would be far away from Michael and I would miss him like crazy. Little did I know, he caught his own flight 6 hours later.

Cassie's Proposal in Barcelona, Spain! Parc Güell

We arrived in Barcelona at 8:00 am, checked into our hotel, had breakfast, rested and prepared for our first adventure. I was so excited to take pictures in Parc Güell. If you know me, I pre-planned the exact locations and poses I wanted at the park. When I arrived at Parc Güell in Barcelona at 3:30 pm, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. As I helped my grandma up the stairs I turned toward my picture perfect location but then I heard my grandma say “no Cassie turn left that’s where you want to go” Confused and a little hesitant I complied (although I did complain a little) and continued walking.

Cassie and Michael's Engagement in Barcelona, Spain! Parc Güell

This path led me right to Michael. When I saw him it seemed like time stood still. It was a feeling I can not explain, all I could see was him and everything around me seemed to disappear. Frozen, I slowly walked up to him saying are you really here…? I could not believe my eyes. Tears ran down my face as a finally reached him and gave him the tightest hug possible. All I wanted at that moment was to hold him and squeeze him forever and never let go!

A few seconds later he got down on one knee and opened the little box; the ring took my breath away. My wildest dreams became reality, everything I have ever wanted was finally happening. The man of my dreams was in front of me pouring his heart out! Michael shared that he wanted to spend every moment, milestone, and adventure with me for the rest of our lives…and continued with a heartfelt speech about our life and love. I was grateful for the two photographers he hired who captured every moment. How lucky can one girl get? Thank you, Michael, for this incredible surprise. I love you more than anything in this world and I cannot wait to marry my best friend and soulmate and spend forever with you. #metzgergetsher #fromthedayweMETzger

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