Cassie and Luke

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How We Met

One night my best friend asked me to come out with a few people and the new English student who was going to coach the rugby team whom just arrived a few days earlier and didn’t know a single person in the entire state. His name was Luke and we have been inseparable ever since. It was truly love at first sight, we had an instant connection

how they asked

Luke and I went back to England to celebrate Christmas with his family and only Christmas Day Luke surprised me with a ski trip to Chamonix France! I was absolutely in shock and so over whelmed with happiness, he had always told me he would take me there, and on Christmas Day he said we were leaving in two days! I never thought that on top of an amazing grand gift like a ski trip to France would I also be getting engaged! After two days of skiing, exploring Chamonix, and eating delicious French cuisine we went to the very top of Mont Blanc. As I was taking photos I heard him ask a French woman to take a video of us I turned around and he was one one knee. It was the happiest moment of my life and Chamonix will always be a special place for us. An excuse to go back!

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