Cassie and Joseph

How We Met

Joe and I met 7 years ago during the beginning of our high school careers. I attended Kennedy Catholic High School in St. Louis Missouri and he attended Marquette, two very different worlds with slim chances of mixing together. However, his best friend, Brian Prost, went to Kennedy as well and played in a band called Mail on Sunday. His band played in a battle of the bands and I met their manager, Jeff Barlow, at this event. Jeff thought I would be perfect for his best friend Joe, so he began to devise a plan. Mail on Sunday was hosting a benefit concert at Kennedy on the last day of my Freshmen year. Brian, in an attempt to ensure my attendance, told me there was only one ticket left for the concert so I had to decide if I wanted to attend or not. Knowing I was transferring to Cor Jesu Academy the next year, I decided it would be a great way for me to end my time at Kennedy. I had no clue I would meet the love of my life that night. Once I arrived, Jeff greeted me with Joe at his side. I just remember thinking he was the most attractive person I had ever met! I was then informed that Joe’s birthday was the day before, which was the “reason” he came. As the night progressed, I spent time getting to know Joe. As a naive Freshmen, I wanted to play hard to get. My tactic was to get Joe to sit on the gym floor and walk away as soon as he sat down. As the night progressed, I spoke with Brian’s mom about Joe and she said that Joe was a great guy and I should totally go for it! So I did, I asked him for his number and stayed with him on the floor as Brian’s band performed. In talking with him, I decided that this was something I wanted to pursue. I had a bad habit of making friends and not going anywhere with the relationships. When I got home, my dad asked me how long I thought this fling would last. I never could have guessed we would be getting married. Since we are high school sweet hearts, and both attended different schools, we have been to 13 dances together. The picture below is of our first dance together in 2010.

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Another important piece to our relationship is that we are both Catholic. When I went home and friended him on Facebook, the first thing he commented on was my being Catholic. What teenage boy thinks like that! His faith was something I desperately needed at the time. Also, the reason he was not at the Lake of the Ozarks, as he most often was over Memorial Day Weekend, was that his grandpa had passed away shortly before the weekend. We always joke that my grandparents and his met in heaven and decided that we would be a great match! Below is a more recent picture of us.

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how they asked

After much anticipation, we got engaged on August 21st, 2017. This was also the day of the Eclipse in Missouri. WE planned a long day trip, as Joe loves astrology and took off work to see it. We took the Amtrak out to a little town called Hermann, Missouri, known for its wineries. We settled on taking the trolly to Stone Hill Winery and found my cousin was also going there for his birthday to view the eclipse. This was an added bonus for Joe as he now had a photographer for the event! We joined my cousin and his wife on a hill across from the winery to take in the event. Sitting on a picnic blanket with wine in hand, we were ready for the day. That is until it became extremely hot and humid. I began to feel light headed and almost passed out and missed the whole event! Luckily, Joe and my cousin’s wife, Linda, helped me to lower my body temperature in time for the majority of the eclipse. Once the eclipse was approaching totality, Joe and I laid back on the blanket and enjoyed the show. Moments after the moon completely covered the sun, Joe suggested we take a picture together. After taking a normal photo, Joe got down on one knee next to me! He said, “Cassie, will you marry me?” I was in shock and forgot what I was supposed to say. It took a few seconds of him kneeling there for me to remember to shake my head and say yes. He placed the ring on my finger for a few more pictures. We are so lucky to have family that cares so much! They helped him plan this once-in-a-lifetime event. He designed the ring himself and, unfortunately, the actual ring was not finished for the proposal. We are blessed that his mom let him borrow her ring for the event. We will get to experience the moment of seeing the ring for the first time together very soon!

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