Cassie and Joseph

Cassie 's Proposal in Peru

How We Met

Two years ago I was a small town Indiana girl fulfilling her dream of living in sunny Southern California. I was working a full-time job as well as serving on the weekends to help make ends meet. One Friday night at the restaurant, I was running around like a mad woman when I heard someone yell out (in a beautiful southern accent) “Can we get a pitcher of margaritas and some tacos over here?” and I almost fainted. When I looked over, I instantly thought: Cute-check. Sexy accent- check. Loves margs and tacos- double check!! Unfortunately, it turned out the new love of my life was just on vacation visiting a buddy and had to fly back to Kentucky a few days later. His way of flirting with me that evening was by offering a gracious tip in exchange for my number, and I thought WHY NOT! The tip, bless his heart, wasn’t that great lol, but the rest of the story made it SO worth it! We spent hours together the rest of that weekend getting to know each other and I’ve never wanted someone to miss or have a canceled flight so bad in my life! We stayed in touch via texts and phone calls for the next month or so, which then turned into long weekend trips visiting each other, and eventually, after a year, he convinced me to move and be a KY girl!

How They Asked

The weekend we met we sat on the beach and talked about our goals and adventures that were on our bucket list. I kid you not, we both had Machu Picchu at the top of the list! So our first Christmas together, guess what trip he surprised me with?! A 50-mile trek across Peru with our final destination ending at Machu Picchu. So in October, we went; we hiked, we camped, we experienced all the seasons and cultures.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Peru

The night before Machu Picchu, when I thought we were going to get ice cream in the town square (which I was very excited about), he whipped out a typed up letter, got down on one knee, and proposed. OF course, I said yes. The next day we toured Machu Picchu together as a happily engaged couple. But I never did get that ice cream :)