Cassie and Jordan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Harry Potter World-Universal Studios

How We Met

Long story short, Jordan was my first boyfriend in 6th grade. After that, we remained best friends all through high school where we had made a pact that if we weren’t married by 30, we would marry eachother. Cliche, I know, but totally true in our case. After a few years of disconnect (I went off to do my own thing and he did his) we finally linked back up and realized how much we’ve missed eachother and nothing about what made us best friends, to begin with, had changed! I knew I was going to ask HIM to marry ME on the day!

How They Asked

Further on, I purchased a ring and anticipated our trip to visit Harry Potter World at universal studios. He loves space (has a sleeve tattoo of planets, galaxy, etc) so I got his ring custom made and it has meteorite (basically a fallen star) in it! We both are super nerdy together but totally embrace it. I’m quite non-traditional but I think that’s what makes our story so special. Of course, he said YES!

Where to Propose in Harry Potter World-Universal Studios

And the moral of the story is, now I know how people feel when they are going to propose. It was so nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time. Best vacation ever and I purposely wore a ring that sort of matched his to not feel left out!