Cassie and John


How We Met

John and I met through mutual friends at a concert about a year after I moved from Seattle to Philadelphia. We instantly hit it off, spending the following day enjoying the Manayunk Bike Race and getting Chinese take-out.

It took about 2 months before we became “official,” and was the result of me frantically trying to figure out how to introduce him (“friend,” “boyfriend”) to my friends we’d be spending Labor Day weekend with up in Cape Cod. In true John fashion, when I finally blurted the questions out he responded that introducing him as “John” would suffice.

Ever since that fateful conversation we’ve been inseparable, he’s truly my BFF. He’s become a wonderful Cat Dad and best duo trapeze partner I could ask for.


how they asked

While John and I live in Philly, my parents are still in Seattle and I don’t get to see them too often, in addition I’m an only child so constant phones calls back to catch up are sometimes a daily occurence. Knowing how close I am with my parents and that my Dad’s 60th birthday was around the corner, John decided to plan the proposal for when they’d be in town. That first started with a planned trip in April that kept getting moved back. In all John had to keep the ring hidden in our house for over 5 months waiting until my parents would be in town. He was pretty good at keeping me off the scent of any engagement news, I honestly thought he would ask my Dad’s permission when they were visiting.

Their first full day here, we visited our favorite arboretum, grabbed lunch, and then decided to walk down a wooded trail to take my parents to see the last covered bridge in the city. The Thomas Mill Bridge is quintessentially Pennsylvania and one of our favorite places to visit when we’re hiking back by the Wissahickon Creek, so it made sense to me that we’d walk down to show my parents who’d never seen it.

As we started crossing the bridge John handed his phone over to my Dad to take a picture of us on the bridge. I posed with John ready to take the picture when he dropped down on one knee. I was in complete shock and didn’t say anything to him, I just started crying and holding his hands. My Dad was able to snap the perfect picture of the moment.


It means so much to me that John waited and so closely involved my parents. My Mom keeps saying she never imagined that she’d get to see that moment and how happy she is to have been there to witness it.