Cassie and Heath

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How We Met

It was a typical Friday night, girls night to be exact. I was going out with one of my best girlfriends and my sister. My girlfriend (Natalie) wanted us to go to this hole in the wall bar in Grove City that she was meeting up with a guy at. I was like no way am I going to this bar, she talked me into it. practically forcing me to go even though I threw a bit of a tantrum, only because I knew this guy she was meeting up with and I wasn’t a fan. She told me to stop being a brat because the guy she was meeting up with has a “hot” brother that she knew I’d be distracted by. we get to this place and the guy shows up an hour late like I expected him to, Natalie was way to good for him but I just rolled my eyes and let her have fun. Were sitting there drinking at the bar, Stella beer to be exact. When I see this big buff hunk of a man walk in (Heath), and my jaw dropped. I said “who the HELL is that!” she shouted “NOOO, I didn’t think you would be that attracted to him!” I immediately knew I had to have him no matter what BS she gave me about him. He was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid my eyes on, and I had to make him mine. I looked at her and said you didn’t tell me he was that gorgeous! I need to go talk to him. But I played it cool and continued to drink my Stella. Little did I know he was saying the same to his brother who was the one that Natalie was there meeting up with. A few minutes go by and I see him walking towards us, he had told his brother “I’m going to go talk to that beautiful girl over there”. When I saw him walking I got butterflies in my stomach and immediately had the cheesiest grin on my face.

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He sat down next to me, after introducing ourselves my first instinct was to ask him what he was drinking. He looked so shocked when I offered to buy him a beer, like he said to himself “is this chick really offering me a drink? holy crap that never happens” we all talked and hung-out for a few hours and I didn’t even exchange numbers with him. That night I had a Facebook request and I about shi* my pants when I saw it. I guess I really didn’t think he was that interested in me! we chatted a little and ended up meeting up for drinks about 2 days later with my friend Natalie, we then exchanged numbers. I found myself talking to him all day everyday , like he was my long lost best friend. It wasn’t really like a love at first sight, well it was definitely a lust a first sight because holy balls he’s so gorgeous lol. BUT it was more of a “oh there you are, I’ve been looking for you” kind of feeling which I had never felt before. I immediately had comfort with him, even with how short of a time I knew him. We moved pretty quickly after we both decided we wanted to take it to another serious level and start a relationship. About 4 months into our relationship I broke my apartment lease where I had just moved into a few months before I met Heath, and made the move down to Ashville. Which was about a 50 minute drive to and from work, which I didn’t mind because I literally spent every day and night with Heath. 2 years and 3 Chihuahuas later were getting ready to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this July 4th. I couldn’t feel more blessed and grateful to have him as my Fiancé, best friend, and soon to be husband.

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how they asked

Heath and I fell in love with this restaurant called M at Mirenova in downtown Columbus. We love getting dressed up or dressed down and going to different restaurant’s that we’ve never been to. This specific one has BOMB sushi, we are big sushi eaters so its always super exciting when we get to go here. It was a Friday afternoon, Heath and I were both at work and he texts me and says “reservations @ 530” and I said “for where?!” he said “M! tomorrow night! they had that or a 10 reservation avail so I took the 530!” I was immediately craving my sushi and the delicious 3 sisters Mascato they have there. I already had my outfit planned, what he was going to wear and what I was going to order lol, I couldn’t wait for Saturday night. He made it seem like they were very last minute reservations but he had me fooled.. very fooled. Saturday morning – I had a hair appointment so i wasn’t with Heath all morning or early afternoon. I got back to the house and he was super anxious and was acting really weird, i thought he was just still stressing over work like he always does.

I told him to have a drink and relax the week was over. He told me he knew , he was just super “emotional” that day for some reason. i literally thought nothing of it, i just was like “okay babe , whatever you say” Its around 5 PM and we parked the Benz on the street like we always do and walked down the road to the restaurant. We walked in and I immediately had weird vibes. Kind of like the ones Heath was giving me earlier in the day. They seated us in the back of the restaurant in the corner at this table that could have seating 5+ people. We sit down and immediately get drinks, then ordered sushi. An hour or so passes by and Heath says he has to use the restroom, so I’m sitting there alone sipping on my wine and i had noticed this guy in a blue suite staring at us the entire dinner and he didn’t really move where he was standing the entire time. Heath gets back from the restroom and i look at him and said “I feel like were looking at the whole restaurant lol” and he grins and says “i feel like the whole restaurant is looking at us” (that’s because they were, the whole restaurant knew).

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A few minutes pass by and Heath looks at me and says “you know you’re the love of my life?” and i responded- “you’re the love of my life babe” he says “you’re going to marry me one day” and i said “well yea! you just have to ask me first, no pressure though!” i didn’t think anything of it because we have talked about marriage a few times, and he said that to me all the time. Any ways, i see him fidgeting in his pocket, which i also thought nothing of because he always has his chap stick in his pocket. So i start fidgeting in my purse for a piece of gum, and as i turn to ask him to let me use some of his chap stick i look down and he’s holding my gorgeous ring (I’m pretty sure i blacked out at this point). i asked him “what the hell are you doing?!?!” and he says “will you marry me?” i immediately had uncontrollable tears falling down and i shook my head and said “yes of course!” i was so blown away that the man of my dreams just asked me to be his wife i really didn’t know what was going on- i was in shock!

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Heath told me i needed to stop crying because Brian (from 222 photography) was hiding in the bushes at the bar area capturing the whole moment! I see this head pop up in between the grassy décor the restaurant had and realized there was a set of camera lens hiding in there capturing everything! The guy standing there in the blue suit that i thought had looked really concerned as to what was happening was the Manager of M (Scott), Heath had scheduled our reservations about 2 months before May and that was the guy that helped him set it all up. Scott brought us over two glasses of champagne so we could continue to celebrate! So rewind about a month earlier, i found Brian on Instagram and i told Heath that if we ever got married, or did couples photos i wanted Brian to do them. i was completely obsessed with their work! so i emailed Brian back in April and he told me he was booked all of May and June, so i put it on hold and told him i would get with Heath to figure out the perfect date.

Little did i know Heath had called Brian that same day i emailed him, Brian was coincidentally available Mary 27th! so Heath was able to have Brian capture the magical moment.. After i patted my eyes dry and we drank our champagne we met Brian at the bar.. little did i know the nigh was NOT over! i still couldn’t even catch my breath after the proposal. Brian was grinning and said “you have me for the whole night!” and i looked at Heath and i was like “What is it you have up your sleeve!?” Heath grinned and said “you have no idea baby”. he was right i had ZERO idea of what we were doing the rest of the night. We walked out of M to leave, outside where valet is located in a cul-de-sac style of an entrance to the restaurant was sitting a 1961 white Bentley! we took some pics with the car and we were on our way to our next stop. Brian had a cute little corner in the city where we took some engagement photos. Lots of laughs, cuddles & kisses, i still can’t believe how good they turned out. After our little 45 minute photo shoot, i was ready for another drink! lol.

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Heath had our driver take us to my other favorite restaurant – De Novo on the park. Its the perfect combo between grunge & glam, plus they make the BEST old fashion – in case you’re a whiskey drinker like us! We are walking in and Heath told me he had a table in the back by the windows, i was so excited because i told him how much i loved the back of the restaurant which is where they seat groups of 3 or more or you can reserve it for a party. we walk back and take the corner and standing there is both of our entire families! everyone knew the entire time he had been planning this since March! there were tons of tears when we arrived, hugging my mom and step dad they tell me they had ONE more surprise for me.

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Heath had gotten my best friend of 10 years (Chelsea) to Ohio! i haven’t seen her in over a year , we typically don’t get to see each other more than once a year due to her being in Grad school in West Virginia she is very very busy and doesn’t get any breaks from school. We had a great night at De Novo with lots of drinks and more food, the night ended at Chelsea’s hotel bar where Heath’s really good friend surprised us with a city view top floor hotel room to crash in. Needless to say i love surprises! So that was the icing on the cake! he planned a proposal, engagement photos and an engagement all on his own (well with a few people to help out along the way!) it literally couldn’t have been a more perfect day, he definitely set the bar for any future proposals! ;)

Special Thanks

Brian Gluys
 | Photographer