Cassie and Christopher

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How We Met

Christopher and I met while in law school. He high-fived me when I said I would be spending my Saturday evening watching the FSU Seminoles beat the Miami Hurricanes instead of going to a law school social. We are both die-hard Seminones, and the fact that I was foregoing a party to watch a football game spoke volumes to him. For me, it was the best way to spend a Saturday night, so I didn’t think twice about it. A few weeks later he surprised me with tickets to go see Billy Joel for our first date and we had a wonderful time, despite the fact that Chris had a terrible cold. In his words, “I’m not missing seeing The Piano Man himself, with you, because of a cold.” (Full disclosure: I caught that stupid cold the next week.) We had the person in front of us take our first picture together, and I always smile when I see it. We have since made a habit of seeing our favorite artists, once a year, in concert. We have seen Dave Matthews Band, Biscuit Miller and the Mix, and will be seeing Journey, and the Doobie Brothers on June 10, 2016 – exactly one year before our wedding day.

how they asked

Chris asked me to be his wife two years (almost to the day!) after we met. We moved from Jacksonville to Tallahassee in August of 2014 so I could pursue my MBA at Florida State. Football season is such a fun time for us, and the weekend of this year’s Miami game was sure to be a busy one. My parents were coming to visit us and go to the game, so we had a big weekend planned. Chris told me early that week that the Friday night prior to the game we had a cocktail party to go to at the University Center Club for his boss, and that he wanted me to look “the prettiest I have ever looked” (No pressure, right? Ha.) to meet his co-workers and bosses. My parents arrived on Thursday afternoon with my first surprise of the weekend – one of my sisters! I was so excited to see her! The next day, my mom, sister, and I headed to the spa for mani/pedis and girl time. I had a hair appointment and needed to run errands after that, so it was a very busy day. Chris and I headed to the University Center around 5:00. As we were about to walk into the party, he asked me if I wanted to try and sneak into the stadium to take some pictures. I, of course, loved the idea and enthusiastically agreed. We walked down the stadium steps to the south endzone and, as we made our way, I jokingly said to him, “Are you going to propose? Because my feet really hurt.” He laughed at my quip without turning around and I followed him to the edge of the field. We took a few pictures and then he started fidgeting with his jacket. At first I genuinely thought that he couldn’t get his sunglasses out of the inside pocket. Shortly thereafter, I saw him pull out the ring box and get down on his knee.

I said “YES” before his knee touched the ground.

I have never been so surprised in my life. Words can’t describe my elation at getting to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man. We laughed and cried and I just kept repeating “We’re getting married! We’re getting married!” In my excitement, I forgot to put on the ring. He went to put it on my finger and informed me that the surprised weren’t over. First, the ring that he gave me belonged to my great-grandmother. I’m named for her and, from what I understand, she was an incredible force of a woman. He then turned me around to face the University Center Club, and there was my entire family and his entire family waving at us in the window, including my grandparents. Finally, he rotated me to the stands next to where the Marching Chiefs sit and pointed out the professional photographer that he hired to capture this amazing moment in our lives.

It was only fitting that he propose to me in Doak Campbell Stadium with our families looking on. After all, we are both die-hard Seminoles, and met because he high-fived me when I said that I would be spending my Saturday night watching the ‘Noles beat the Miami Hurricanes instead of going to a law school party. What truly made it special was what he did behind the scenes in the two months prior. He planned and set all of the appointments that day. He ensured that both of our families were there to see our engagement. He had to talk to Homeland Security (YES, REALLY!!!) to get permission for us to be allowed in the stadium that evening. I still get really emotional when I think about how much he did and how well he understands what is important to me. I am so fortunate to be spending my life with Chris.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer