Cassie and Chris

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How We Met

This story starts with an Emergency Medicine physician, Cassie and a Fire Department Battalion Chief, Chris. It was Dr. Majestic’s last day of residency and she was asked to evaluate a firefighter in the hallway, for a possible needle stick exposure. She stepped into the hallway where she found three firefighters, friendly and chatty, one of them in particular. She evaluated the patient and found herself talking to one of the other firefighters, about life in general. Remember, this day was a special day already, as it was her very last day as a resident physician in training and she would soon be starting a new job as an attending physician. She was actually covering a shift for someone that morning, and so was he. They nearly missed each other. The encounter with the firefighter patient was brief. He didn’t require much doctoring, actually, but she spent some extra time in the hallway just to chat, with Chris. He remembers Cassie leaving for a few minutes, and returning with her hair fluffed, coat on, and name badge in clear sight. She remembers nothing of the sort.Regardless, after they left the Emergency Department, Cassie received a Facebook friend request very quickly. She specifically remembers looking at it and thinking, “oh that’s the hot fireman, friend request accepted”! There was some Facebook stalking, a lot of Facebook messaging back and forth, and an eventual date. The rest was history.

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how they asked

Something magical happened a year and a half ago, when Chris and Cassie met in an Emergency Department hallway. It was in that same hallway, that they would meet again, with a little surprise that Chris had up his sleeve. She showed up for an Emergency Department shift that she thought was legit… but little did she know everyone was in on it, except her. The plan was in place and set in motion: The “injured” firefighter, The hallway where they met, The feels.

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She was asked to cover in the Emergency Department for a few hours in the morning. After saying “no” a few times, because she didn’t want to work, she begrudgingly accepted the shift. Shortly after she got to work, she was called to the trauma bay to treat an inhalation injury. Only to find her own boyfriend giving her report on one of his firefighters who reportedly had a roof cave in on him. Naturally… She was concerned. Cue the doctor mode. The nurses didn’t seem to be as alarmed as she was though. She was being rushed through her assessment, to speak with the firefighter’s family, when she was lead through the hallway (yes THAT hallway) to find Chris waiting for her… in the exact same spot where their eyes first met! Surrounded by their family and friends, they shared the happiest day of their lives, and she said YES.

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