Cassie and Caleb

Image 1 of Cassie and Caleb

How We Met

Caleb and I grew up together and ran in some of the same circles, he was my first crush but nothing ever came of it.

How They Asked

Fast forward 10 years later and we reconnected. After about a year together he and I were planning a trip to Colorado as we both have family there. I had never been so I was super excited about it. Our first stop was to visit his Aunt and Uncle who decided to get an amazing condo higher in the mountains, we decided to go hiking by ourselves as they have young children.

Image 4 of Cassie and Caleb

As we were walking from the car I noticed a vehicle that looked a lot like his uncles but did not have any of the same tags and stickers on it so I decided that it couldn’t have been his. we ended up backtracking and so we passed it up again, this time I got really curious so I looked at my pictures in my phone and found one with their car in it the license plate was blurry but really looked like it could be the same car. After that, I had a feeling something was up! We began our hike and I soon realized that it was all uphill and had some very sections that really got to my fear of heights.

Image 3 of Cassie and Caleb

I finally made it to the top and there was the most amazing waterfall, everyone who was there passed us on their way out so it was just us. I was so focused on the waterfall that I had not even noticed Caleb getting on one knee right behind me! He told me to turn around and I absolutely lost it! It was the most perfect proposal imaginable. Come to find out his uncle hiked up before us and was waiting with his camera and we got the sweetest video and amazing pictures!

Image 2 of Cassie and Caleb