Cassie and Boris

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How We Met

It was winter of 2008, and Cassie and Boris were getting ready to embark on Birthright, a trip to Israel for college students. They first locked eyes at the introductory meeting, where they chatted and sparked each other’s interest. A month or so later, a connection was developing deep in the heart of Israel. On the trip, participants were encouraged to pair up for a romantic Shabbat date under the stars on the shore of the Dead Sea. It was that night that Cassie and Boris shared their first kiss, and stayed awake talking until the sun came up.

The next day, Boris asked Cassie to sit with him on the five-hour bus ride to the next stop on their trip. She hesitated, and he smiled and said, “Come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to marry me.”

Cassie agreed to sit next to Boris for that long bus ride, and it was then that she knew he was someone special. Their time together in Israel continued to be magical– so magical, that they ended up extending their trip and staying at a hostel in Tel Aviv for five extra days.

When the trip ended and the duo headed back to James Madison University, the magic only continued. Falling in love in a beautiful place like Israel led them to pursue additional adventures: Four-wheeling through the streets of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, skydiving from 13,000 feet above Virginia Beach, hiking the coast of Italy’s Cinque Terre, analyzing art at The Louvre in Paris, picnicking in London’s Hyde Park, road tripping up the coast of California, swimming in the waterfalls of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest, and attending numerous Nationals, Orioles, Capitals, Wizards, and Ravens games along the way.
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how they asked

Fast forward through over seven years of dating and falling deeper and deeper in love, and Cassie and Boris found themselves on vacation in San Francisco, California to see the Ravens play the 49ers. Boris arranged for a few Napa valley wineries for them to visit the day before the game. After tasting wines at Peju, the first winery, Boris suggested they walk around and explore. They started walking through the vines, and Cassie, as usual, was taking pictures to document the beauty of the moment.

All of a sudden, Boris took her hand and said, “Can you believe we fell in love 7,000 miles away in Israel, and now we’re here…I wasn’t asking you to marry me that day on the bus in Israel, but I am asking you to marry me now.” He got down on one knee, and pulled out a beautiful ring, using the setting Cassie’s G-Daddy had proposed to her grandmother with. Of course, she said yes!

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Then, as if out of a dream, a man came strolling through the vines toward them, strumming his guitar. He serenaded them with a romantic tune, as Cassie and Boris danced and laughed. After many tears, hugs, kisses, and FaceTimes, they returned to their driver to have him take them to the next winery. As they walked into that winery, they opened the door, and there, waiting for them, were their best friends Natalie, Josh, and A.J.. Everyone was giddy with joy, and of course, Cassie had to cry again. Cassie and Boris spent the rest of the day celebrating with their friends in Napa.

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