Cassie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met our sophomore year of college through a mutual friend.

how they asked

Andrew and I had been dating just a couple months shy of 3 years at the time. We were in Minnesota visiting his family over Thanksgiving. Andrew had this whole roose planned with his sister and cousins to get me to go into the forest near his parents’ house (we were going to find a cute place for his cousin’s engagement pictures). Since it’s Minnesota, naturally it began snowing a few hours before we were supposed to go. I told Andrew that it was too cold out and that he could go but I was staying home. He managed to convince me to go, but not before I told him that the area she wanted to go to wouldn’t be pretty in pictures. I bundled up in my sweats, coat, hat, and mittens (none of which matched) and we went on our way. Once we found a nice open area, his cousin got her camera out to take pictures to show her fiancé. She insisted on taking pictures of Andrew and I and I outright refused. Once again, he was able to convince me but I refused to take my hat off. At one point he bent over and to be silly I jumped on his back, almost knocking us both over and unbeknownst to me almost causing him to drop the ring in inches of snow. When he stood up he had the ring in his hand and said “look what I found”.

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Before I could even process what it was, he was down on one knee and asking “Would you like to go on an adventure? Will you marry me?” I was speechless. Literally. He had to tell me it was a yes or no question and that nodding my head furiously didn’t count. We’ve been married for almost 1 1/2 years now and we still laugh at the fact that I almost didn’t go, told him the place he originally planned was ugly, and almost caused him to drop the ring in the snow- I literally almost missed my own proposal! I like to tell him it’s because I’ve never made anything easy for him, so why would this be any different, even if I had no clue what was going on?

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Special Thanks

Megan Swanson
 | Photographer