Cassie and Alex

Cassie and Alex's Engagement in Gershwin Theatre, New York

How We Met

Alex and I are the perfect example of “everything happens for a reason”. We first met through a mutual friend (my best friend) Chelsea a little less than a year before we started dating. Chelsea has known Alex since they were children, but had just recently started hanging around with him and some of his friends. Chelsea invited me to Alex’s for a bonfire one summer night, so I could meet some of her “new” friends. Both Alex and I were dating people at the time, so it was by no means a set up. When I met Alex there was an instant spark between us; I thought he was very funny, caring and a handsome guy. However, I brushed it off, and we became good friends. As fate would have it, we both became single around the same time. No, it was not planned that way; it truly was perfect timing. A few weeks passed, and our group of friends hadn’t hung out in a while. They were showing Dirty Dancing at the local theater, so a few of us had decided to go.

The group of us used to go out to movies all the time; it was our weekly thing to do. However, Alex didn’t show up to this one because he ended up working late ( I just think he didn’t want to watch Dirty Dancing). I had been looking forward to seeing him, so I texted him the next day to tell him that we all missed him. Since we had both recently become single, the flirting started. Alex kept asking me to hang out, but I kept turning him down (playing hard to get of course). I told Chelsea that I thought Alex liked me, but she was convinced he was just being his normal nice self. I finally decided to take him up on his offer and went out with him; I couldn’t keep up the game forever. Turns out, I was right; Alex definitely liked me.

Cassie's Proposal in Gershwin Theatre, New York

I may have acted “hard to get”; however, he truly had me at hello. I couldn’t resist his humor, charm and handsome face. We started hanging out more and more and our relationship just fell into place. We moved in together after 10 months and got our fur baby, Harvey, around the same time. It was definitely perfect timing for the both of us, and it was the best decision we have ever made. I knew very quickly that Alex was the man I would one day marry; I am so happy that he felt the same way!

Where to Propose in Gershwin Theatre, New York

how they asked

Alex and I had planned a trip to New York City for each other’s “big” Christmas gift ( we got each other some smaller things to open on Christmas day). While we were there we were planning to see “Wicked” on Broadway. Little did I know, that not only was I seeing a show that I had dreamed of for years, I was getting a proposal I had dreamed of as well! Here’s a little back story as to why the proposal was PERFECT! I have loved “The Wizard of Oz” since I was 4; the flying monkeys and the wicked witch didn’t even phase me. I like to think, even with my young mind ,that I knew there was a back story to the “scary” characters in the film. As I discovered in middle school, there was a back story, and I fell in love with the novel “Wicked”, by Gregory Maguire. I wanted to see the Broadway show immediately after reading the novel, but to travel to NY and spend the night was either too expensive or just not convenient. That was until this year when Alex was dead-set on making it happen for me.

The show was at 2 pm, so we spent the morning exploring the city. It had been years since Alex and I had visited NY, so we were the typical tourists. I even broke down and bought a selfie stick (low, I know), it was perfect for all of our “touristy” pictures though. It was the perfect morning; we got coffee, visited Times Square, Rockefeller center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and of course bought Star Wars Lego’s. We got lost walking back to our hotel, and I thought we were going to be late for the show, so I was a bit on edge. However, we got to the theater on time and all was well. The show was amazing; more than I could have ever imagined! When the show was complete, we walked out of the theater, and I started looking at some artifacts from the original Broadway show. I was taking a picture of a few of them, when Alex suggested we take a photo together in front of the original Wizard’s throne. I thought it was a little odd, but I asked a stranger nearby to take our photo (poor guy had no idea what was coming). As I went to pose with Alex, I noticed he was fidgeting in his pocket; I thought he was looking for his phone to get a photo as well. I started to get frustrated because it was taking Alex so long, and the poor stranger was waiting to take our picture.

Just as I was about to tell him that “I would just send him the picture”, he pulled out the ring box. I was in such shock! I had absolutely no idea it was coming. According to Alex, I said yes; however, everything after I saw that ring box is a blur. He had tissues in his pockets all ready for me because he knew there would be so many happy tears. I didn’t even notice, but everyone had crowded around us and was cheering and congratulating us. It was so surreal! When we walked outside it had just started snowing; such a magical night!