Cassie and Adam

Cassie's Proposal in Prescott, Arizona

How We Met

Adam and I met through our parents. Turns out we had lived across the street from each other for years and never met. Last year I moved back home after a traumatic time in my life, to this day I swear Adam was sent to me to help me through it. I think we never met before because it wasn’t time. He quickly became my rock, my best friend, my partner to lean on and I’m so fortunate it turned into more.

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Where to Propose in Prescott, Arizona

How They Asked

My best friend asked me to come up north to get out of the house since quarantine has us all going stir crazy, she asked me if we could test out her new camera lens. She led me down a path in the forest where Adam was waiting with a picnic, sunflowers, pillows, and blankets. I could see he was already crying. Being the awkward couple we are we just stood there hugging each other when my best friend coughs and says “Um…don’t you have something to ask her?” Adam quickly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Which of course I said yes to.

My best friend being the amazing person she is, then took our photos, jumping around talking about all the different wood on the trees to loosen us up. It was perfect and intimate and exactly us.

Special Thanks

Brianna Burrows
 | Photographer