Cassidy and Ty's Rooftop Proposal

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How We Met

I met Ty at a church camp when I was only fifteen years old. I was living in Oregon and Ty was living in Texas at the time but we both ended up going to a church camp in Tacoma, WA. Ty and I were close friends right away but unfortunately never got the chance to see each other since we were states away. We stayed good friends all through high school which then continued into my first year attending college at Brigham Young University – Idaho. During this time, Ty was called to serve as a missionary for our church to serve in the Colorado Springs, Colorado mission. We could only have contact via email and hand written letters but we wrote the entire two years! Ty got back in November of 2015 and right away we knew there was more to our relationship than friendship and we have been very happy together ever since!

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how they asked

I recently moved to Oregon to work (where I’m from) while Ty moved down to California to work as well for the summer. My best friend, Brynna and her husband also live down here too which is awesome. I flew down to CA and Brynna asked me if I wanted to go shopping in San Francisco for the day, which of course I said yes! Little did I know, she and Ty had been planning this all along.

While B. and I shopped, Ty lead me to think that he was working all day by sending me snapchats of him in his work shirt, while he was actually driving to SF as well to surprise me. Brynna took me to the One Kearny Building in downtown San Francisco where Ty was waiting at the rooftop over looking the whole city.

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He had candles, my favorite flowers (peonies and roses) set up, and picture frames with photos of us in them. I cried as soon as I saw him and the moment he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him was the best moment of my life!

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