Cassidy and Quinn

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How We Met

Quinn and I met at 12 years old when we started junior high. We quickly became friends, which turned into best friends who secretly had crushes for years. When we were in the 12th grade Quinn and I spent all of our time together. I found myself constantly looking around to see if he was in the room and when he wasn’t I was disappointed. This is when I started to realize that I truly had feelings for him. The winter before graduating Quinn planned an elaborate plan to ask me to grad by surprising me at home with roses and a balloon attached to my dog (aka my best little friend) that said “grad?” I knew then that he really was something special. Shortly after we started dating and became high school sweethearts. ❤️

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How They Asked

Quinn took our ice cream date to a whole new level. Our favorite date is going for ice cream to a local place called Dug and Betty’s. We have been living in a full lockdown for almost 8 months due to covid, so when a friend of ours who is an incredible photographer asked us to go take photos and pick up ice cream we obviously said yes!

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All-day the sun was shining and beautiful! As soon as we showed up for ice cream we heard thunder and it begins to pour. We decided to get our ice cream in the rain and wait for the rain to pass to do photos. Kassie happened to find the most beautiful sun shower to begin doing photos and shortly after the sun was shining. She asked us to stand back to back in this beautiful little nook of an old cathedral. When I turned around Quinn was on one knee telling me that he has to wait 12 years for this moment.

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Special Thanks

Kassandra Donaldson
 | Photographer