Cassidy and Mike

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Mike and I first met while working together at Disney World. Two years and many, many adventures later, he finally decided to take me on our trip to Paradise Falls, just like in the Disney-Pixar movie, Up. Mike’s parents were visiting us in NYC the day before we left for a month long trip to Europe, and helped him set up the whole thing. He had told me we had a reservation in the morning, and took me through a shortcut in Prospect Park. When we arrived at our favorite waterfall in the park, the song “Married Life” from Up, began to play and a bouquet of beautifully colored balloons with a small house attached to them came into view. The balloons took us on a magical journey to the top of the waterfall, where Mike presented me with our adventure book filled with photos of us. The final page included a special message saying “Cassidy, you are my beautiful adventure. Will you marry me?”. Behind that page was a secret hiding spot for the beautiful ring, which he removed before getting down on one knee and officially asking me to marry him.

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Of course I said “yes!” and we celebrated with our month long adventure in Europe watching sunsets, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting the Disneyland Paris Castle, and exploring some of the worlds most beautiful cities.

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