Cassidy and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in middle school but hung out in different crowds so we never spoke more than two words to one another. We attended two different high schools but reconnected when he became close friends with my cousins. Michael, my two cousins, my best friend Molly and I became super close during our last year of high school and we loved to go country dancing and hangout every weekend. Michael claims he fell in love with me the first time he saw me on the dance floor. Through college we dated different people and he was always around to tell me who didn’t treat me well enough and how much better I can do haha. I went to college in Dallas and he stayed in our hometown of Tyler so our friendship wasn’t as strong as it use to be. One day he was up my way for a business related seminar and sent me a text asking if I’d like to meet him for dinner. I agreed thinking nothing of it at the time other than the fact I was going to catch up with an old friend. After that night we clicked on a whole different level and became inseparable. After 9 months of dating and loving life together Michael proposed and of course I said yes to my best friend.

how they asked

The best day of my life 12-16-2017 was the day that my best friend Michael proposed. I graduated college that morning from UNT and he gave me a graduation present to open right when we got home. He told me we were going to celebrate me graduating and our 9 months together that night. The graduation present was an outfit that he had picked out and purchased for me to wear to dinner, how cute is that. We went to dinner at the restaurant where we went on our first date and sat and talked about how far we’ve come in 9 months, what all adventures we’d gone on together and what we’ve accomplished. Afterwards we went to Enchant in Arlington which is “The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze & Market”. It was freezing and pouring down rain the whole time but we made the most of it and had a wonderful time walking around and taking pictures. We got to the very end of the maze in a long tunnel of lights where Michael asked one last person to take a picture for us. We took one normal picture and then Michael reached in his pocket and started to say my name. I was in so much shock that I really didn’t hear what he said I just saw the box and immediately I said YES!! He put on the ring and I turned around to see his parents and my mom and grandparents grinning from ear to ear, I had no idea they were there the whole time. It truly was a magical, romantic night in the rain and Christmas lights. Best early Christmas present EVER!

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