Cassidy and Lucas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Presque Isle Park, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

How We Met

Lucas & I met a couple of years ago while I was car shopping at a dealership where he worked as a salesman. His smile and friendly personality caught my attention immediately. Afterward I found any opportunity to come back to the shop, and he always made sure he was the one helping me out. One month later he asked me out on a date and the rest is history! (We actually grew up and lived 10 minutes away from each other, but had never met until then!) Lucas is always by my side encouraging me to do my best, and loving me completely for who I am. For two twenty-something’s we have been though quite a lot together. Handling an autoimmune disease while discovering another chronic issue was no cake walk, especially with both of us in the midst of long college careers. I know it was hard on him to see me so sick for so long, and miss out on many opportunities, but he never complained. Even when it meant week long hospital stays two states away, he was right there through every test and procedure, seeing me at my lowest and still somehow managing to make me laugh. Facing health problems, injuries, or losses in life are always daunting, but our unwavering love continually gets us through.

How They Asked

He proposed to me on a romantic walk along the shores of Lake Superior. He even arranged for my brother (who is a photographer) to secretly capture the entire proposal AND selected the one ring I had fallen in love with at a local jewelry store! I can’t wait to spend forever with this amazing man and grow in our love together along the way.

Proposal Ideas Presque Isle Park, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Special Thanks

Jason McCarthy
 | Photographer