Cassidy and Keenan

How We Met

Our story starts in high school. Truth be known- I don’t really even know when I met Keenan but my sophomore year is the start of our love story. In the most ordinary way, Keenan entered my life when I needed him most and he simply never left. I am so grateful for his consistency, something I love most about him. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. He came into my life so effortlessly and in a way that swept me off my feet. We would play basketball in the third period and flirt over who was winning. I went to his baseball games and he cheered me on at my soccer games. On May 5th, 2012 we attended what we thought was our best night ever- prom.

We had no idea all the magic that was ahead of us. Three days later he asked me to be his girlfriend after sharing our life dreams over a bowl of chips and queso. Fast forward a few months and Keenan graduated high school. He left and went to college 30 minutes away and then two years later I moved 3 hours away and went to my dream school – North Carolina State University.

He went through ROTC all of the colleges and graduated as a second lieutenant in the Army followed by a move to Virginia. While long distance has been so real in our relationship, Keenan has never seemed closer. I feel so blessed to have grown up and more in love with him. We both have had the opportunity to grow as individuals on our own yet every visit I cherish. We have grown so close over the past six years. Learning more about each other and growing in our relationship. He has been my best friend for so long I simply can’t imagine a life without him.

how they asked

When being prompted to write my proposal story, I consistently found myself starting again and again. Nothing felt quite right, I knew I was leaving things out. It wasn’t until today that I remembered that two days after my proposal on a train ride from Paris to Colmar, France I wrote down every detail of the day because it was so special for the both of us. I didn’t want to forget a thing. Wow, am I happy that I did! So this is my proposal story, written straight from my heart two days after Keenan got down on one knee.

On May 23rd at 10 pm, Keenan proposed. The day started like normal we walked around did some shopping (my favorite) on st. Germain. But then we came home and got ready. I actually wore a dress I wasn’t crazy about, my nails weren’t done because when my sisters asked before the trip and I got suspicious, everyone backed off quickly. Everyone was sooo worried about ruining the surprise. We went on a dinner cruise- the weather was perfect. It was called Le Calif. When we walked up, the guy looked at our party and said “aren’t you…..” my dad jumped in quickly and said, “yes I have a gluten allergy.” They were so afraid he was going to say the party with the engagement. I didn’t even realize that was happening. Keenan contacted the boat staff before we ever even got to Paris.

He wanted to make sure they knew so it could be perfect- and it was. We got seated in the lower part of the boat, it was all windows above us and around us. We ate an amazing 4-course meal. Keenan and I got starters that neither of us liked, some goat cheese asparagus thing. We giggled through it. The second course was all my favorite things. A nice steak, potatoes that were cooked to perfection, some vegetables which I barely nibbled on, naturally. Keenan had the same but on the cheaper menu because it had creme brûlée on that menu, which he knew I would want (it is my favorite dessert EVER). I got him the lava cake off my menu and we swapped. But before dessert Keenan told me that to see the Eiffel Tower with the best view you have to go up to the boat deck. It’s not too big, it’s a small space between the upper boat and lower part.

The boat itself wasn’t very big either. Anyways we went up there a little early to hopefully beat everyone to a good spot- mom and dad came too (with the cameras of course). We had the perfect spot. We had a few moments before it sparkled, my heart is fluttering even trying to write this part, Keenan put his arm around me and we started talking. I’d be lying if I didn’t say at this point I was a little hopeful. Mom and dad had the camera behind us. Right at 10, it started twinkling. He waited a few moments- soaked it in. He grabbed down at his bag to move it, at this moment he stepped behind me to get down on one knee. I was too fixated on the tower to notice, he called my name and I turned around. My heart sank (it is right now writing this, fighting back tears- it feels so fresh) tears welled in my eyes and he said the sweetest words to me.

How I inspire him, our memories in high school playing basketball, and ended with being a doodle, our little cockapoo’s dad forever. “Cassidy Ann Kelly Hahn will you marry me?” At this point I am weeping, happy of course I hug him and kiss him as fast as I can, it felt like forever for him to finish his speech on one knee I wanted to jump and say yes so bad. I say that, but I also probably couldn’t get words out. Even being hopeful nothing compares to the moment you turn around and see him actually on one knee. I can’t explain the feeling. He didn’t even seem nervous- he said it so beautifully. He was confident which I loved too. It felt like just us but also there were 20-30 people surrounding us clapping. The crowd faded and we just stood up there- in awe of the ring, in awe of what just happened. Literally both over the moon happy. So happy. My face was streaming with mascara. It was perfect. He did perfectly.

We went back down and sat at the table with my mom and dad. The next hour left of the dinner flew by. We got our desserts with sparklers in them, champagne toast and we talked about what just happened. We were next to two couples who just got engaged the day before so we were all giggly on cloud 9. I couldn’t peel my eyes off my ring. I still can’t. We got off the boat Keenan looked at me and said: “look, Cass, your red carpet exit.” He always knows exactly what to say. We both couldn’t stop smiling and laughing all night. We went to the love bridge on top of the Seine river, all the locks have been taken down. That’s where the sunset dinner cruise ended. He twirled me around, took a few pictures and videos. On the way back I was so excited to tell someone I stopped a taxi and told them I just got engaged. We all laugh so hard because he was so confused- he didn’t speak any English. That night we got back at like 12 we FaceTimed friends and family. Their reactions were all so sweet everyone was over the moon, crying and giggling with us. It was the most perfect night. We couldn’t sleep because we were so happy. I’ve never seen Keenan like that, he was SO happy. We both were. I hope I remember all these details forever.

So there ya have it. May 23rd at 10 pm Keenan changed my whole life all over again and he couldn’t have proposed in a more perfect way.