Cassidy and Jordan

Cassidy and Jordan's Engagement in Paint Lake Provincial Park, MB

How We Met

I met Jordan 7 years ago in a booth at a local bar. We both grew up in the same community but had no idea who each other was. I was out for a couple drinks with some friends and so was he. He was with one of my best friends siblings (who I was also out for drinks with) after chatting back and forth they decided to join our booth. Jordan sat next to me and we laughed all night. For weeks afterward, I told all my friends how I was pretty sure he was the most beautiful human I had ever laid eyes on. I ended up running into him later on in the summer just before I was leaving for university 8 hours away. We exchanged numbers and a few other things… I drove him home the next morning and it was complete silence. I thought for sure this guy was not feeling me. To my surprise, Jordan texted me that afternoon. We went for a drive doing laps around our hometown for 3 hours talking non-stop. A year of long distance, a lot of ups and downs, renovating our temporary home, and a sweet 140lb furbaby later…

How They Asked

My (now) maid of honour had asked me to take photos for her and her family. I have done this for her a lot so I suggested we switch it up and go to the provincial park about half hour away. It was a Wednesday and I completely forgot I told her I would do this. I gathered my camera and texted Jordan that afternoon. He was acting strange, telling me to pick a nicer shirt for his outfit. I told him I might just wear a bathing suit cause I wanted to swim (wow, was I ever glad I didn’t). He insisted he wear his nicer shirt, I felt obliged to do the same. We go to a few locations and MOH was being super picky, which was weird but I didn’t think much of it. I told her I wanted to take some down by the water. We cut through some campsites and got to the location. We took a few pics and Jordan told me to look across the water. I thought we were taking a funny photo, I posed and everything. Realizing my MOH was not laughing as she should be I was confused. Are we not taking a funny photo here people?! Jordan promptly said “Cassidy turn around!”. I turned around to find him on one knee and the tears started flowing. Jordan : “We’ve been together for 7 years and I never doubted this for a second, Cassidy May Hepp, will you marry me?”