Cassidy and Jamie

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How We Met

Jamie and I met in 2011 at mutual friend’s house. We’re 4 years apart, so I thought that the chances of him paying me any attention were slim to none but I was wrong. We introduced ourselves to each other, and I was completely smitten by him. I kept thinking to myself, “I want to marry this man.” A couple of months went by and we had our first actual date. I remember ordering one of those weird fruit salads at the restaurant we went to because I was so scared to eat in front of him. What a weirdo, right? Anyways, we got to know one another and I could tell he was really into me. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to ruin it all and cut off all contact with him after a few more dates. I’m not sure why I guess it was because I was afraid of the commitment. He was way older, and I was just young and dumb. As time went by, we would talk and hang out every now and then. It was obvious that we were both so in love with one another, we just never took the plunge to make it official. Until one night, he came to my best friend’s house randomly because they lived 5 minutes from each other. I hadn’t spoken to him in over 6 months, but I knew how close he lived and I wanted to see him. He came over, and we have been exclusive ever since. God works in mysterious ways, and I’m so thankful for Him bringing Jamie into my life. He is truly my soulmate and I’m so glad he gets to be mine forever and always.

how they asked

It was the day of Jamie’s college graduation, the day we both had been waiting for what seemed like forever. We’d both been so excited for this day, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate him. The Friday before the big day, I received the most devastating news ever—one of my dearest friend’s, Bethany passed away due to heart complications. She was awaiting her 2nd transplant. I kept thinking to myself, “how in the world am I going to be happy for Jamie’s graduation when I’m literally heartbroken?” I didn’t know how I was going to manage, but somehow I made it work. Saturday morning arrives, and we both wake up extremely early to start getting ready for his big day. I was still in such shock and disbelief of the news that I had received the day before, but I knew that I had to put on a brave face and be excited for Jamie no matter what! Because graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, right? I’m putting my makeup on, singing to whatever song Pandora was playing at the moment, and he walks in and tells me that he’s getting ready to head to South because he had to be there early enough to get prepared to walk.

We kiss, and he tells me that he’ll see me later. About an hour goes by, and I’m rushing to get to his graduation, and I remember texting him being so frustrated because of the traffic. He responds, “today is going to be an amazing day!” Well, it took everything in me to keep it together. I finally arrive at his graduation, I’m greeted by his family and we are all just talking about how proud we were of him, that he was finally graduating from college. 3 hours later, the commencement is finally over and we all walk outside to wait on him to come out! He calls me in a panic because we were not standing in front of the Bell Tower (I didn’t know we were supposed to be standing there) I gather everyone up and we head towards the tower.

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We finally see him, and I give him the biggest hug! He immediately says “I guess it’s time to take pictures, I’m going to give my phone to Carly (my best friend) so she can take a picture of us.” I didn’t think anything of it because it seemed normal. We stand in front of the tower and lock arms, ready to take a picture. He turns to me and says “I have to tell you something after this.” I’m thinking.. okay… the next thing I know, he’s facing me and he’s in tears!! He gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him!! I couldn’t do anything but smile!! I was literally speechless. It was by far the best day, and I know Bethany was smiling down on us.

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Special Thanks

Kristin Marshall
 | Photographer