Cassidy and Dayton

How We Met

Dayton and I officially met in November 2017 through a mutual friend. We went out for drinks, bowling and to catch up with some friends home from college for the holidays!

Cassidy and Dayton's Engagement in Hiawassee Georgia

Prior to our “official” meeting we had seen each other in neighboring towns for a couple of years but it wasn’t until our first date by ourselves in February 2018 that we really hit it off! But it was then that we both knew we would be married one day.

Cassidy's Proposal in Hiawassee Georgia

How They Asked

On February 2nd 2019, I was spending my day working. I’m a hairstylist and it was winter formal for local high schools so I spent the day doing hair until later that evening I got a text asking if I wanted to meet some friends & go to Bell Mountain in Hiawassee GA. I replied and agreed to do so.

The friends we were meeting are very “spur of the moment” people so it wasn’t out of the blue to just randomly want to go to the top of a mountain with no planning.

I had always thought I’d know when I’d be getting proposed to but that day, Dayton had drove about 2 hours to have the ring cleaned, pick out his outfit and plan this with our friends all while I was working. He told me he was visiting his grandparents (which he did as well.) He was planning all of this by making sure my mom knew, his family knew and our closest friends knew. Yet I had no idea.

We got to the top of the mountain where our friends were waiting for us climbed up the stairs to the overlook, the sun was setting and were trying to get pictures before the sun would go down. Torie and Ethan got pictures first and then it was our turn. We took a few pictures and in the midst of those pictures, he gave me a kiss then got down on one knee. He pulled out a ring box and my jaw literally dropped! I asked “Is this real?” And he said “yes.” I then asked “are you sure?” And he said “yes. But you have to answer.” I said yes and he slid the most beautiful and ever so sparkly ring onto my finger.

We celebrated that evening with a group of our close friends by grabbing dinner and drinks! It was one of the best days of my life!

Special Thanks

Torie Pinkleton
 | Planning
Ethan Westmoreland
 | Photographer