Cassidy and David

How We Met: David and I have been together since high school, when I was 16 going on 17 and it has now been four amazing years with him. We grew up in a small town called Arlington, but now we live together in Everett Washington. Our relationship hasn’t been your every day relationship. He’s in the United States Air Force, and there are times we can go days and weeks without talking or seeing each other. It’s not easy and it never gets easy but we have been through so much these last few years, and he makes it worth it every single time.

Image 1 of Cassidy and David

how they asked: We enjoy going to Seattle every now and then and we were on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend, and I simply thought it was going to be a casual date. We wanted to take a photo by the water to document our day, but before we took a photo, he needed to remove something from his leg. He had taped the ring box behind his knee underneath his jeans for about 4 hours and was waiting patiently until the “photo” happened. Then he finally got down on one knee, and said how much he loves me, wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and with my dad’s permission (Yes, he got the blessings!!!!), and that’s when i finally said “YES!’.