Cassidy and Bradley

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How We Met

Bradley and I had the amazing privilege of basically growing up together. We had gone to the same school (him a grade above me) almost our whole lives, as well as going to the same church. However, We didn’t become friends until 7th grade and we didn’t start dating until my 10th-grade year and his 11th. We dated for a year and a half before we broke up and decided to just be friends. The summer after I graduated from high school we both got a job at a children’s camp in Northwest Arkansas, both of us working in the kitchen! As we started to hang out more and more our love for each rekindled and we decided to give us another chance, so we started to date again and it was like we had never broken up.

how they asked

Our families had always joked with us that we were going to get married ever since we were in high school, little did I know that they were absolutely right!

The day Bradley proposed, we had spent that morning helping my mom and he told me that we should go out that night and just have a date night so I agreed because it had been a while since we had gone out together just the two of us. We went to a town about 40 minutes away to go have dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. When we got into town he told me that there were some places he wanted to go to before dinner. He drove us to the college that was in the town, when we got there he walked me to a building that was hosting an art gallery featuring some work from the college kids there. Unfortunately, Bradley didn’t think that the gallery would be closed because it was Christmas break. I could tell he was upset. He suggested we go to a cookie store just down the road because he said we needed to buy some time before we could go to the next place.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in University of Central Arkansas

The time came for us to go to the next place, when we arrived there We started walking towards what is normally a very beautiful fountain on the college campus. Bradley knee how much I loved the fountain, I always said how beautiful it was and how I thought it looked so magical. Unfortunately, another problem occurred it had snowed and iced some the day before so the fountain was shut off and covered in ice.

Bradley and I stood next to it talking and just enjoying each other’s presence, next thing I know he’s getting down on one knee! I couldn’t have been happier! When he finished and we had our moment of hugging and kissing I turned around and out of the bushes came his family! They had been there hiding and taking pictures the whole time!