Cassia and Alexander

How We Met

Alex and I met on tinder almost three years ago. He remembers sitting on his couch and coming across a picture of me and instantly swiping yes. I, on the other hand, have no idea where we matched but I do remember receiving his message “Has anyone ever told you, you have the world’s most beautiful smile?” We ended up meeting up in midtown New York City at a work event of his. So at the same time I met him, I met his coworkers as well. Later that evening we went for drinks in a famous speakesy in NYC called The Back Room. It’s hidden behind and alley, and I could have sworn he was taking me somewhere dangerous, I even pulled out my phone and started to press 911. Nevertheless it was a super fun hidden bar, where we had drinks in tea cups and hidden in paper bags.

how they asked

I’ll start off by saying I, Cassia, am a VERY hard person to surprise and please. When we first spoke about getting engaged I was certain he would do it at Disney (my favorite place on earth) at the end of the year. I’ll also preface the story with saying I am obsessed with all numbers ending in 7. We both have birthdays ending in a 7, we moved in together in 2017, and I wish for us to get married on a day ending in 7. So this November 17th, I had told him a month before I was going to cut my hair. That whole week I had been very sick and it was the last errand I had to run for the week. Earlier in the day he told me I had to meet him for a work event by our house in Jersey City. So after my haircut I begrungingly headed over to meet him. My subway was delayed and then my train to Jersey was packed, so everyone can just imagine the kind words I was texting him. Once getting off he picked me up in a full suit and tie and led me towards the water. At that moment I knew something was happening and started to get nervous. When we got closer to the boardwalk/ courtyard by the water with the most beautiful view of NYC,

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I saw rose petals on the ground, a violin player, and a professional photographer. I immediately started to bawl my eyes out (I am also not the crying type so this was a shock to everyone). He led me towards the middle of the rose petals and our mutual friend came out singing “The Way you Look Tonight”, a song I grew up dancing and singing to with my father. As the song went on, Alex started to cry, blurted out the words “I love you” got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”

I couldn’t have imagined a more memorable and perfect proposal for us as a couple. He had everything I had hoped for (photographer) and more (singer, violinist, moet chandon iced and ready to pop). It was intimate, romantic, and amazing.

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I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams.

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