Cassarah and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I met in high school, close to 10 years ago. He says he first noticed me when I was score keeping a volleyball game he was playing at our high school. I first met him through one of my new friends, who was his best friend since grade 7. We were just friends for all of high school and started dating once we graduated. I had a boyfriend all throughout high school and Scott waited for me, probably longer than he would have liked.

We have been through it all; we helped each other through university, and he stuck with me through not one, but two degrees. We have traveled to various places around the world and within our backyard. We have even started building our dream house together, only about a week prior to our proposal. Our relationship has had its ups and downs but we are now stronger than ever and celebrated our 8th year anniversary on August 22, 2017.

The day Scott asked me out on August 22, 2009.

A few pictures from our travels and adventures throughout the years; Mexico, Australia (Whitsundays and The Great Ocean Road), Skydiving,and hiking in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

how they asked

Scott and I had planned to go on a camping trip in mid September to celebrate our anniversary and do some hiking. I, however, started a new job and was in a course for it, so I had to force us to change our plans. Scott insisted we still go to the mountains for the weekend, and I almost made him cancel that too, however he convinced me that we could just do a day trip so we could get out of the city. Scott said he had already planned a surprise for the one day and couldn’t cancel or change it. I didn’t think too much of this surprise he planned because he said it was for our anniversary.


Saturday, September 9th comes around and I still don’t know what we are doing for our day trip to the mountains (I’m not even 100% sure we are even going to the mountains). Scott has told me to wear and bring clothing that can get wet and that I can be comfortable in. In the morning before we left, I asked him if I should braid my hair or straighten it. My guess for the day was that we were going white water rafting and having my hair in braids would be the most practical. Scott said “just straighten it” and left it at that. So we headed out to the mountains bright and early on Saturday morning. Scott had to make a call, twice, to make sure his surprise was still a go. I still had no clue were we were going or what we were doing.


The entire drive, I’m trying to guess and Scott wouldn’t give in. About half an hour before our destination, Scott finally let me in on what we were doing. We were going on a helicopter ride over the Rocky Mountains. I was so excited, and also nervous, I get sick on planes and have never been on a helicopter before and didn’t know how my stomach would handle it. But I was extremely excited nonetheless.


We arrived at the helicopter site and Scott went in to make sure it was still a go (it had been very smoky due to forest fires in the days prior). I stayed at the car, changing into warmer clothing, and little to my knowledge, letting Scott ensure his plans to propose would run smoothly. Scott came back to the car to get himself organized and I was about to put on a bit of mascara, and he insisted I didn’t need any makeup on (I almost never wear makeup and wearing mascara is my form of putting on makeup). This also threw me and made me not think he would be proposing to me. People question me, asking if I knew or guessed that Scott was going to propose. I have to admit, I thought it was a possibility; however, we had been together for so long and done so many cool experiences throughout our time together that I didn’t want to think too much into it.


So up in the helicopter we went, just the two of us and the pilot. First over the beautiful Abraham Lake then over the beautiful Rocky Mountains; we flew over massive waterfalls and beautiful glaciers high up in the mountains. Then the pilot starts to descend and we land next to a little river, again another surprise. From there we took a little hike along the river to a beautiful waterfall. When we got there, our pilot grabbed Scott’s camera and started taking pictures of us (again, I didn’t clue in because we were standing in front of this beautiful waterfall and I always want to take pictures of us). In the middle of us taking pictures, Scott backs away from me and drops down to one knee and asks me to marry him! All while our pilot is taking pictures and Scott’s GoPro on his chest is capturing the whole moment. Of course I said yes! but I also said “you are ridiculous” many times because of this elaborate plan in this beautiful spot. We then toasted with champagne and chocolate cake and flew back in the helicopter.


I thought the surprises were done; however, Scott still had one surprise for me. On the drive home he said he had one more thing to show me. When we stopped along the way home, and he took out my phone and pulled up the text he sent me the day before. The text was a long message saying how much he loved me and how excited he was for our little day trip and of our future life together. When I read it the previous day I didn’t think anything of it because sometimes we send there random long messages to each other. However, this text had another surprise in it. Scott had left a hidden message in the text, each capital letter spelled out: “Proposal September 9”. When he told me this and explained this to me I instantly burst out in tears. I couldn’t believe how much thought and effort he had put into the entire day, even down to the text the day before. All Scott said was, “I told you I was proposing”.

The text message with the hidden message telling me he was going to propose! Look at each capital letter; it spells out “PROPOSAL SEPTEMBER 9”!

Special Thanks

Rockies Heli Canada
 | The helicopter company, our pilot took the pictures of the engagement.