Cassandra Sarah and Rey

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How We Met

Rey and I met when we were sixteen years old. He pretended to be my boyfriend at a dance that they would have in downtown Caldwell. We danced and held hands.

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How They Asked

Rey had me dress up fancy. He took me to Indian Creek to take pictures, then to two different dutch bros for my Free drink. He took a sip of one and as I went to hold his hand it felt all clammy and his hand was shaking a bit. He said, “look the dutch bro drink already got to me”. He then blindfolded me and drove me to the location. He walked me inside and sat me down in a chair. Rey told me to unblind myself and once I did he was kneeling down with a ring.

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I was more shocked than anything so the sign the kids were holding was a blur and so were the people behind him. My words at the time were ” oh my gosh Rey”! After what felt like forever I said ” Yeah”. hahaha. Then I realized that all my family and friend were there. My sisters and parents knew for months and helped Rey plan the whole thing. There were roses everywhere, He had decorated the Baez Barn. We ate and sang happy birthday since it was also my 32 birthday. It took a few days to get over the shock and process what had happened and who was there.

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