Cassandra and William

How We Met

Here comes the sappy love story… Black Friday of 2012 I saw Billy patrolling the crowds with my other half Alexa at Target we discussed how cute we thought he was and then we started to “work it”. Billy started to walk by us frequently and when my mom showed up later just as the doors were about to open she says “Cassandra you’re pretty get his attention I need to ask him a question” so he comes over unable to answer my moms question so she started to brag about how cool her daughter is (can ya blame her ?) during the conversation he mentions to my mom he leaves at 4:30 am. So as Alexa and I are ambushing the store we keep seeing him (at one point it was becoming purposely) so right before were about to leave I walk over and say to Billy “I’m going to make your night I think you’re so cute!” He laughs thanks me and walks away (rudeeee) so I stand next to Alexa at the doors and patiently wait for my madre as we’re waiting Billy graciously walks by and stands 20 feet from us so we laugh and finally go on our way. Around 4 in the morning Alexa and I decide it would be a great idea to bring him @quickchek hot chocolate (everyone loves hot coco BUT Billy) knowing he leaves at 4:30 we knew he had to be around the store somewhere so we were searching and I mean searching for this guy, I knew he was someone I wanted to pursue and hope he would too…there was just something about him! So we finally found him and Alexa hands him this hot chocolate that had ❤️ Cass & Alexa on the lid. Unenthused he walked us to the door and we left. We laughed in the car because YOLO, right? Well since there’s not to many people in Phillipsburg with the name Cassandra and turns out we had a mutual friend he was able to find me (turns out he was interested just too tired that night ?) and the rest is history! No dating websites, no Facebook cat-fishing just fate! I am beyond excited to start this new chapter and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else!


how they asked

Our families wanted to start a new Holiday Tradiation where we have one big family dinner. So it was like any other Saturday night I’m dressed in leggings and a sweater with my nails not looking good! So as we all sat down and started chatting away the owner of the restaurant is very personable so he comes over with champagne and starts pouring glasses not thinking anything of it because something similar happened the last time we ate there! All of a sudden the lights starts to dim and Billy stands up to give a toast once I started to realize what was happening I started to bawl and I mean BAWL! I was trying so hard to say yes but all I could do was shake my head yes because I was left speechless! What a great simple engagement surrounded by everyone I love!