Cassandra and Tyler

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How We Met

I first met Ty on New Year’s Eve 2011-12 at a friend’s party, I was 17, and he 18. I was not exactly the nicest to him that night.. he ended up asking me to be his New Years Kiss and I said no 🙈 I ended up going away for a girls’ weekend the next morning and when I got back a friend asked me to dinner with her. Little did I know that he would show up and it was a double date instead of just dinner with a friend.

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Again, he asked me if I would kiss him and again I said no. Except for this time I had two people rooting for it to happen in the back seat of the truck. Stopped at a red light his friend said “if I can jump out of the truck and run around it 3x / get back in before the light turns green will you kiss him” I thought no way would he make it in time because we had already been stopped for so long. So I said yes to the red light challenge, I had never seen someone run so fast in my life 😂 He made it and I ended up kissing him, and everything else just took off from there…

How They Asked

Fast forward to 2019, he planned the most beautiful weekend to finally ask the question. Every long weekend we go north to his family’s property which happens to be our favorite spot in the world. It wasn’t unusual for my parents to tag along because over the years my family and his have become very close. It was Thanksgiving weekend and we all headed up, we ended up doing a group run to the lake with his entire family and my parents. He and my dad drove together and he ended up asking my dad along the way for his permission. We all finally get to the lake and it was there that he asked me to marry him in front of our families, and of course, I said yes!

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