Cassandra and Stephen

how we met

I went to visit an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in several years at her parents house. Before arriving she mentioned on social media she was there with her “friend” and dad. Her friend was Stephen. We were both in complicated relationships at that time but we hung out that night and he began to “follow” me on Instagram. In other words, he bookmarked me for later. :)

how they asked

Stephen surprised me by telling me that we were just going to the house he’s currently purchasing to take a family “before” photo in front of the house. Because the house is in desperate need of a full remodel, he told me he wanted to “commemorate” this moment with his daughter and I. He set up his go pro to have our photo taken and then asked his daughter, Kylee, to step aside for a moment to get a shot with the two of us and before I could ask any questions, he was down on one knee asking me to spend my life with him. I was so excited and surprised my first reaction was “WHATTT??” Afterwards, he had a bottle of champagne on ice in the back of the jeep to celebrate and reservations with friends at one of our favorite restaurants.

Special Thanks

Rachael Marie
 | Photography
Cesilia Buenrostro
 | Hair Stylist