Cassandra and Samuel

Cassandra's Proposal in Norseman Distillery

How We Met

Sam and I met on #Tinder. For our first date, we wanted to try a new place we haven’t been to, so we went to Norseman distillery. We sat on this big couch in front of a fireplace until bar close. And he said to me” this was the best date ever”!

How They Asked

Flash forward almost a year to Valentine’s Day… He told me he wanted to recreate our first date, and we ended up at Norseman distillery in the same exact spot we met, in front of the fireplace. Throughout the day he was giving me valentine’s day cards with a mini surprise to go with each of them.

(1/4) was flowers at work, (2/4) was flowers and balloons in our apartment. However, (3/4) was what changed my life forever…He read me a Valentine’s Day card that said: “do you remember that day we met, best day ever”. He proceeded to read the inside of the card. Reminiscing our time together, how much we mean to each other, and the adventures he wants to go on with me.

He turned over the card, and it read “do you remember that day we got engaged, best day ever”

And both truly were, the best days ever.

He flipped over (4/4) and it read…

“ thank you for saying yes” My Forever Valentine.

Special Thanks

Veronica Barnes
 | Photographer
Norseman Distillery
 | Venue