Cassandra and Ryan

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How We Met

Our love story is a modern one! We connected on Hinge, and while both skittish around dating apps, found ourselves exchanging phone numbers and conversation due to our many commonalities. We went to the same college (Providence College- Go Friars!), had mutual friends, and grew up just miles apart in NJ.

I should add that that, based on his pictures, he was VERY tall, dark, and handsome. Seems too good to be true, right? On December 30th, 2016, I was overly ambitiously and facetimed him just to be sure he was “real”. I know, dating expert over here!!!!!

Well, we ended up staying on the phone for hours, getting to know one another and swapping stories of our eerily similar lives. We had our first date in Manhattan just days later…. and as they say, the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Ryan and I had booked a road trip after what felt like an eternity being quarantined in our home- a modest apartment in Hoboken, NJ. Our first vacation together was to Charleston, SC, where we decided to move in together after too many plates of chicken and waffles and cold cocktails to beat the Summer heat. Determined to make the most of our “pandemic vacation,” I booked us a short couples shoot with the amazing Julie Livingston, a Charleston- based film photographer, as a way to commemorate one year of being together all day, every day, in our new reality!

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Our trip started just like our last with amazing food, drinks, and shopping on King Street, where Ryan decided “on a whim” to purchase high-end cowboy boots.

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Little did I know, he had been researching, planning, and preparing the perfect way to conceal the big blue ring box he had been hiding all weekend! During the shoot, I noticed Ryan’s heartbeat pick up speed.”It’s just photos, why are you so nervous?!” I asked, and he responded, “Here’s why.” Out of his bulky cowboy boot came the ring and out came my New Jersey attitude. I cried, screamed, jumped up and down, and of course, said YES! I was shocked, Julie was shocked, and Ryan was proud to have executed the most perfect surprise proposal full of Southern Charm that we will always remember.

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Special Thanks

Julie Livingston
 | Photographer
 | Tecovas Charleston for the epic boots