Cassandra and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met during the summer of 2016 at a beer garden in Astoria, NY. His baseball team had just lost their playoff game and went to the bar to drown their sorrows and my girlfriend and I last minute decided to change our plans of going home to instead grabbing a quick drink. After a “quick drink” turned into hours with this extremely fun group of guys (thanks Tony!) we all went our separate ways, failing to exchange any phone numbers.

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After getting one of the guys’ contact info through a mutual friend we discovered we had, I reached out suggesting we all hang out again. He wasn’t able to make it but Ryan was, and as they say .. the rest is history. We started officially dating in December of that year, moved in together in 2019 and after 4 of the best years of my life he proposed in October 2020. Best. Day. Ever.

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How They Asked

One of our first trips together was to Burlington, Vermont in the fall of 2017. We loved it there so much that we’ve gone back every year since. It’s become a place that is so special to us and I was always not so secretly hoping it would be the place where he proposed. We had been talking about engagement for a bit and he made me think he slipped when he “accidentally” told me he was planning to propose on our annual trip this year but since that’s what I expected he definitely wasn’t going to anymore.

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I have to give major credit to my mom and sister because I truly didn’t know they could lie so well. They both had fully convinced me that Ryan hadn’t mentioned anything about proposing and since he knew how important it was to me that my family be involved I was all but positive my dreams of being proposed to in Burlington were not happening.

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THE weekend!

We drove to Burlington that Thursday morning and immediately went on a hike. Since we hadn’t checked into our Airbnb yet the .01% chance he was proposing was definitely a goner because there’s no way he would leave the ring in the car while we were gone for 5 hours … right? The day went on as normal and the next morning we woke up to lots of rain. We didn’t have much of a plan for the day other than a reservation for breakfast at 11 am. On our way to eat, I mentioned that we had to take our annual picture in “our spot” since we were nearby and Ryan suggested we just go then because we still had some time before our reservation. Despite the downpour, I agreed and we kept walking. We always take a picture in this little boathouse so when we kept walking past it I was more confused than anything.

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We were the only people outside so on our walk I joked we would have to take the picture ourselves anyway. When we got to the corner by the water Ryan took a picture of me and then we took one of us. He then told me to face the water to get a shot of me with all the fog. When I turned back around, in the middle of the pouring rain he was down on one knee. I don’t remember much other than him saying a bunch of nice stuff, me crying, throwing my umbrella, and telling him “of course.” He had hired a photographer and they both agreed that despite the rain the show should go on and I’m so glad they did. We got to spend the rest of the weekend in our engaged bubble (other than telling our families and best friends) and got some pretty special photos. I can’t wait to marry the man who goes above and beyond to make my dreams come true. I am so lucky.

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