Cassandra and Ross

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How We Met

Ross and I have been dating for over five years. I’ll never forget the day we met. We both just ended long relationships and got set up to meet through mutual friends, and knew absolutely nothing about one another. Let’s just say that we weren’t “looking” for anything. But Ross made it really hard not to fall for him. It wasn’t that he was just tall, dark and handsome (obviously that’s a bonus) but it was because he had a genuine heart. That first night we met, I felt like I had known him forever, and we just clicked. Although I was scared to put my heart out there again, he made it easy by just being him. Fast forward to five years later, we moved in together and I had been waiting everyday for the moment he would ask me to be his wife.

how they asked

Ross and I have been dating for over five years. This past year I have waited long and hard for the day that he would ask me to be his wife. I probably asked if he was going to marry me once a day like most girls who are ready for the next big step. But on Saturday, September 16th he made it a day I’ll never forget. It was a typical Saturday for us at first, going grocery shopping.. the usual errands. Ross planned later that night to go to Blakes Apple Orchard to pick up some apples for his mom to makes pies and stop at their winery, for what I thought was to pick up “free bottles of wine” (I couldn’t pass up that opportunity! ?) So here we are, pulling into Blakes and finding ourselves in the orchard. We walked down the machintosh isle and as I turn the corner I see spelt out, “Will you marry me?” hooked from tree to tree. I stopped dead in my tracks thinking this isn’t real. As Ross grabbed my hand he had the cutest smile on his face I’ll never forget. He then took my hands, looked at me and said, “Are you ready to start our lives together?” And then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. The ring was absolutely beautiful. I was smiling ear to ear and said yes probably four times before the water works started. All of a sudden I hear clicks of a camera and look over and see his best friend snapping photos of the whole moment! I couldn’t believe this was happening. We then decided to go to the winery house to celebrate, call my family and close friends, but little did I know he had our whole family there waiting for us as a surprise. It meant so much that he included everyone I love for this special moment. Everything was an absolute surprise and I can’t wait to FINALLY become his wife! ❤️❤️❤️

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Special Thanks

Martin Yousif
 | Photographer