Cassandra and Neran

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

We met at a Queen’s Birthday function which we were attending with friends. We instantly hit it off as we started chatting about our full-time uni studies and full-time work commitments. We realized early on in the conversation we both had a lot in common and had shared values and goals. 6 days later we went on our first date…and the rest is history. We’ve been on this amazing journey of life together ever since!

how they asked

We were staying in Sydney for the weekend, and Neran had booked the most beautiful hotel in Darling Harbour. The Saturday evening, we were picked up in an uber Limousine Cadillac (which he swears was not planned) and driven to a restaurant. As we walked in to the restaurant, the staff led us past the main restaurant area and seated us in a private area down an assembly of stairs where there was only one dining table set for us. There were rose petals on the floor, a long stem red rose on one table, lit candles and vases full of fresh red roses all around us on tables, and the most magnificent view of the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge. It honestly felt as if the Harbour Bridge was 1 metre away from us. I was obviously curious at this point, however I think I was a bit in shock at what may be happening, Not long after being there, the waiter serviced us a glass of champagne, and a few minutes later he returned with a platter holding an envelope with my name on it. As I opened the envelope, I read a beautiful letter from Neran asking me to marry him. I was speechless, which is a first! I turned around to see Neran on his knees, and holding back tears he asked me to marry him. It was the most beautiful, thoughtful proposal I could have ever imagined and I loved every second leading up to it, and all throughout the night. The man who I thought was out waiter was actually the photographer! A couple of minutes after Neran proposed, he began taking photos of Neran and I against our absolutely stunning back drop as the sun was setting. He even took us down to the harbour to get photos along the water and next to Luna Park. The whole evening was so magical and something we will never forget! I am so happy that Neran with help from my proposal co. were able to create my dream proposal.

Cassandra and Neran De's Engagement in Sydney, Australia

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