Cassandra and Nathan

how we met

Nathan and I were first introduced by one of my beauty clients in Seattle-Miyoung. She asked me if she could set me up on a blind date because as she thought ‘I was too pretty to be single.’ My business had just started to pick up, so I wasn’t sure I was ready to start a relationship with anyone yet. But trusting her, I agreed to at least consider her proposal. After seeing Nathan’s profile on Facebook, I was very much intrigued and had Miyoung to pass my to number Nathan through her husband Jeff, who was Nathan’s roommate and co-worker at the time.

Nathan called me later than night and we spoke for a long time. It was smooth and easy, thats when we discovered that they had the same birthday, December 30th. This excited both of us! That weekend, I agreed to fly to San Francisco to meet Nathan for the first time. I flew into San Jose Airport, where Nathan was over 2 hours late picking me up in rush hour traffic, so already I began to feel wearing how the weekend would go. As soon as we met (finally), we hit it off right away. We had a fantastic first evening out on the town together with Jeff and Miyoung.

By our second evening together we both knew were meant to be together, and love was spoken. After 3 months of flying in and out of different cities each weekend (Seattle, L.A., Puerto Vallarta), we decided to move in together. I closed the doors to my studio in May of 2016 and leased a new car to drive down to Palo Alto to move in with Nathan. The transition couldn’t have been smoother and the leap of faith shows to this day.

how they asked

After we celebrated Christmas 2016 together in Boston and flew to celebrate our birthday alone in the Bahamas we started discussing the prospect of an engagement more seriously. In late January 2017 Nathan took me make my dream a reality by taking me to Tiffany’s to try on rings.

In the following months we went on several trips together, I had a feeling that the engagement would happen soon. After 14 months of spending every day together Nate finally agreed with me about starting a family with my dream pet, a mini french bulldog that they decided to name Obigail. A week later on the night of May 20th 2017 after booking a bed and breakfast in Mendocino (a cute little town on the coast of California) Nate took me out to dinner where I was sure the engagement would happen. I even asked at dinner if he even had the ring yet. He said “I have it,” and left it at that.

After leaving and going back to our room Nathan ran out to the car to grab a dozen roses to bring back to me on the porch overlooking the ocean. (He’s always buying me flowers so I didn’t think anything of it). Nathan then started to say how he loved me from the first day he met me, how we make a great team and how my mother (Cheryl) agrees. My eyes started to well up with tears, and by the time Nathan opened the box and got down on one knee, I couldn’t even see what I was saying yes to. I wouldn’t let him finish asking because I was saying, “Yes…. Yes, Yes!” while holding baby Obigail in my arms. We can’t wait to share the beginning of the rest of our lives together starting next year!

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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 | Stylist
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