Cassandra and Mark

Image 1 of Cassandra and Mark

how they asked

Mark and I were on our way out to one of our favorite restaurants for a Friday evening dinner. I went to put the leash on our pup, Bowden, as the restaurant allows dogs on the outside patio. Mark immediately grabbed Bowden from my arms and said that he would put the leash on him. Little did I know that Mark had put the engagement ring on the dog’s collar. As Mark knelt down on one knee to put the leash on Bowden he said, “Well, I’m already down here on one knee.” He continues to pick up Bowden and say, “I’ve asked the dog’s permission and he agreed and I was wondering if you would like to marry me?” And hands me our little 8 lb longhaired chihuahua.

Image 2 of Cassandra and Mark

Confused as to why he handed me the dog instead of a ring I said, “Yes!” Of course. Mark twirled Bowden’s collar around, finding a gorgeous, marquise, diamond engagement ring that he placed on the collar. Mark released the ring and placed it on my finger and kissed me. I am so thrilled to be marrying the man of my dreams next June 1st, 2019.

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