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How We Met

In January of 2016 Luciano and I met at our university, FIU. We both signed up for a Customer Relationship Management course which I believe was the hardest class I had ever taken (besides Neuropsychology). The professor paired us up for a group project at random. Luciano was the only man in a group full of women- poor thing. We had an instant connection. He was smart, funny, a hard worker and was unlike anyone that I had ever met. At that time in my life I had “sworn off” on dating because I was offered a job opportunity in New York. So you could say that fate or time was against us but honestly, nothing stood in our way. We weathered through 9 months of long distance, phone calls and flights back and forth. We knew that we belonged together and 1, 279 miles wasn’t going to break us apart. We decided to make things official and made a home together with a spirited dog named Daisy. Since then I have never felt more joy, love and excitement. I’m thrilled to change my last name to Denegri and share the rest of my life with him.

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how they asked

This year was especially tough for me since my mom and sister moved away to another state: Maryland. So I’ve been adjusting to a life without my nuclear family by my side. As my 25th birthday came around I was sadly accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to see my family and a FaceTime of birthday wishes would have to do. But I was so wrong!! We had happily settled for a romantic getaway at The Biltmore Hotel. It was my parents gift to me sine they couldn’t physically be there. So we spent the day having delicious brunch, taking sun by the pool and looking forward to a delicious dinner. Little did I know my boyfriend had been planning my proposal for 7 months…Luciano had been back and forth with my family and a gemologist about my engagement ring. The jeweler flew in from New York to personally drop off the ring. He asked my grandfather and my stepdad for my hand in marriage. He coordinated my entire family and my closest friends to fly in and surprise me for an engagement dinner! So what was originally supposed to be a romantic birthday dinner for two became my dream proposal surrounded by those I love most.

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