Cassandra and Lucas

How We Met

Lucas & Cass met in 2012 at Preston High School. Cass was the new girl who had just transferred schools, and quickly noticed Lucas in her first period class, World Geographies. Every morning, Lucas would stumble in a few minutes late with an XL black coffee, an Empire Apple, and was usually doing something to disturb the flow of the class. At first, Cass, a very quiet, studious teen thought Lucas was sooooo annoying, but was quickly smitten by his long blonde hair, blue eyes and charming personality…so much so that she changed seats to be closer to him. Lucas first noticed Cass when she walked into the room with a purple on purple track suit, a bright green back pack, and wayyyyy to much energy for 8AM. A few months went by with lots of flirting, late night Facebook chats and group projects when Cass finally worked up the courage to ask Lucas to the Sadie Hawkins dance (as friends, opps). Much to her surprise, Lucas said no because he had to work. U

nable to get him off her mind, Cass ended up leaving the dance early to go to his work to see him and at that point they realised that they were definitely more than friends. Fast forward to February 28th, 2012 on the scratchy white couch in the Schmiedendorf basement, when Lucas finally asked Cass to be his girlfriend! The two quickly became inseparable, sharing major life events together like university acceptance, prom, moving out… and before they knew it were in love deeper than they could have ever imagined at just 18 years old. Cass ended up getting accepted to University 45 minutes away, and when the thought of being more than their usual 8km apart settled in, Lucas quickly followed her to Brantford…and the rest is history!

how they asked

It was the weekend before our five year anniversary when Lucas began acting just a little bit funny. Given that I work so close to home, I often come home to spend some time with Lucas on lunch, but that Friday, Lucas was very insistent that I stay at work for lunch that day. A little bit confused, I left for work only to get a text from Lucas telling me to “check my purse when I get to work”. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I pulled out a note that read ” Step One” accompanied by a photo of us at 18 years old, and a mini reflection on how far we have come since then. A ball of tears, I couldn’t help but wonder what he meant by “Step One” and was left to sit and ponder that for a few hours. Around 11:00 am Lucas texted me again, telling me to check the zipper pocket, where I found a note that read “Step Two” with a bunch of photos from our time together, highlighting the life that we have built together. At this point, I began to think that maybe something was going on, but really didn’t want to get my hopes up…that was until 3:00 came around and Lucas texted me to check my wallet, where I found the third and final note that read ” our bags are packed, the dog is being watched and the gas tank is full…our road trip begins at 4:34 pm”.

Needless to say that last hour and a half of work dragged on like nobody’s business and i drove home faster than ever before! I pulled into the driveway where Lucas was waiting with a vase full of red roses and the biggest smile on his face.I hopped int he car and off we went to an undisclosed location, which later turned out to be Blue Mountain, Collingwood where i had been dying to go! We arrived at the resort around 9:00pm and with no mention of any other activities planned, i began to think we were just away to celebrate our anniversary and not to get engaged…boy was i wrong! It was the morning of Saturday, February 25th and Lucas instructed me to be ready for 11:00, as we had somewhere to be at 11:30. Confused, I got ready as fast as I could (which happened to be an hour and a half too fast) and left Lucas with a large amount of time to fill..poor guy! We decided to head into town and explore where we found ourselves walking the beach and writing love letters in the sand to pass the time. Lucas was making awkward small talk, and was clearly very nervous, but I was enjoying the scenery way to much to notice.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Blue Mountation, Ontario

We ended up walking in the direction of a beautiful pier that stretches out into the Georgian Bay, and little did i know, this is where Lucas intended to propose…except it was closed for the winter…again, poor guy! He began to act a little bit funny, frantically texting who I later found out was our friends Brandon (Best Man) and Emma (Bridesmaid) who were supposed to meet us there to take photographs of the proposal! Lucas love’s bridges, and we happened to notice a beautiful one on our way into town, so he casually walked me over there, and due to his interest, i thought nothing of it. When we got to the bridge, we stood and looked out into the water taking in the scenery like we usually do when we go exploring, but then Lucas looked at me and said ” do you know how much i love you” and i quickly realised we were there to do way more than look at a bridge! Before i knew it he was reciting the most beautifully written speech about how much i mean to him ( i didn’t remember any of it, thankfully he typed out a copy for me to keep!) and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! A sobbing mess, i said yes, and then turned around to see our friends there to celebrate with us and capture the entire thing! It was far beyond anything i could have ever imagined and was a dream come true! I cant wait to marry my dream man in January!