Cassandra and Lorenzo

How We Met

I was prepping in the back of a jamba juice, which means lifting heavy boxes full of fruit, sorting boxes, looking a hot mess. He was covering at our store for the day, so he comes in and introduces himself and takes a seat in the back until his shift started. I was due to clock off when he started, so that was our first encounter. A week later all the jamba juices in our district held a meeting at our store and his team was seated right across mine. To pass the time, my coworker and I played a sort of kiss/marry/kill game. This is the part that gets me every time. Without realizing it, she pointed lorenzo out and said that I’m going to marry him. We laughed, he looked at our direction, we laughed even more. That was that. Throughout the meeting we’d end up being split into a same group together. What caught my attention the most were his one liners of Nacho Libre jokes, which happens to be our favorite movie. The night ended and we went our separate ways. I never thought twice about him, considering I was talking to someone at the time. On one of my shifts, he was covering at our store and I was about to send my shift when I asked my coworker if she’d love to get dinner with me, she said he had plans so, being the hungry person I am, jumped to the next person available which happened to be lorenzo. He was more than happy to join me. We ate at lazy dog cafe in orange, by the movie theaters. We ate and talked and ate and talked some more, he was extremely easy to be around which made everything comfortable. We decided to watch a movie afterwards, no hand holding or flirting, just two people enjoying each other’s company. That was that. Granted I kept it civil between us considering we were coworkers and I was talking to someone at the time. We would eventually hang out more, with or without people along, and bond to form one of the greatest friendships I’ve ever had with anyone. I remember the night I called him and told him I had to set things straight, let him know that even though I had feelings for him, it had to end, since it wouldn’t be right to talk to two people at once. I expected anger and hatred towards me but received nothing but genuine understanding and caring towards my well-being. He said he cared nothing more than my happiness and told me he’d always be here as a friend. I hung up and felt disguted and confused, since every experience with a guy has always been negative and hurtful in the end. I spent the next day with the other guy I was talking to and it took me about .01 seconds to realize what huge mistake I made. I apologized to the guy I was talking to for wasting his time, and whaddya know, received nothing but negative words and bad vibes, which only made me realize how wrong I was and how much I messed up. I never want to make someone feel like they’re a second option, which is why I took so long to tell lorenzo that I wanted him back. That I wanted him in my life, to be more than just friends. When I finally did, he let me in with the biggest smile and open arms. Had I not been jamming out while jamming(jamba lingo) in the back, I would’ve never found my soul mate. Lorenzo gave me the second chance that I probably didn’t deserve, but I will never make him regret it. He’s the love of my life, my handsome nugget, my best friend. I’ll save you guys some of this corn for laters (nacho Libre quote).

how they asked

I had just arrived from a week long trip in new York and was trying to find my luggage when I see this curly ball of love that is my nephew run up to me. Confused, yet happy to see him, I try to scan the room for my sister. I found her, along with my best friend, my aunt, both of my grand mothers, Grandfather, soon to be mother-in-law and soon to be new grandma. A sign reading welcome back was flipped over to reveal a message from lorenzo basically saying that our love is undeniable and everyone knows it. He then gets down on one knee and I felt so whole and happy at the moment I couldn’t even hear what he was finishing up reading on the signs.

If you look at the video, I’m turning to my mom(lady in pink) as he’s down on his knee, asking her for permission to say yes to my best friend. Mexican traditional is to talk to the parents first, and I was so overwhelmed that it didn’t hit me that my mother wouldn’t be there had he not asked for permission.

Best decision I’ve made so far. I love you zo…

Image 1 of Cassandra and Lorenzo