Cassandra and Kyle

Kyle and I have been together a little over two years. About 6 weeks before the proposal he had asked me what kind of engagement ring I wanted. My friend and I went to Shane Company and found this gorgeous ring. I told him about the ring and he didn’t seem to pay too much attention which I figured because I didn’t think he was ready. He went and bought the ring the next day and had been trying to get me to go hiking for 6 weeks leading up to the proposal (whoops)! I was the maid of honor in a wedding the weeeknd before the proposal and was so preoccupied before the wedding I didn’t want to go hiking (which is our favorite thing to do together). He was very pushy about wanting to go hiking which is so unlike him. Once the wedding was over that next weekend we planned our backpacking trip. It was supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Kyle had plans to propose on top of the mountain we were going to hike up on day 2 of our trip (I had no idea). Evening of day 1 it begins to pour (Kyle seems very discouraged about the rain and not being able to hike to the top the next day). As we are eating our freeze dried meals (so romantic) in the tent while soft rain drops hit the rain fly kyle says he can’t wait any longer and has something to give me (still clueless – I am thinking what he carried for me that I need at this moment). He pulls out a small gray box telling me that he loves me and thinks we should get married. When he opens the box I see the dream ring from 6 weeks before; I was absolutely speechless. I actually didn’t say anything for a good minute until kyle goes, so…? Of course I said yes and I am so excited to continue our adventure as husband and wife!

Image 1 of Cassandra and Kyle

Image 2 of Cassandra and Kyle